“Fashion isn’t just about you or me; fashion is about all of us.”

Paulo Makalinao

Fashion is an expression of the art that we all portray everyday. I'm Paulo Makalinao, a young man seeking to capture and display this art form. It will not be shown by only myself, but also by the stylish and fashionable men and women around me. The world is full of inspiration, and here on my fashion blog, I wish to get one step closer to fulfilling my goal of spreading the style of the people who inspire me everyday. Here on this blog, fashion isn't just about me. Fashion is about all of us.    

This art form has been running in my blood even before I was born. In the Philippines, my home country, my parents had their own garment business, creating various pieces of clothing. When given the opportunity to come the United States, my mother and father dropped everything to come here. The first job my mother received was working in the prestigious New York fashion scene on Herald Square. From an early age, I was instantly hooked on the concept and expression of fashion. I began dressing myself in my own fashion interests by the age of 6 and every year forward, expanding and introducing new types and styles of clothing to my wardrobe.

If asked how to describe my own style, I would mention that I am a mix of both the classic "preppy" look infused with the street style of urban areas. You could say that I engaged in the metro-sexual movement that sweep my generation. However, this style will only be one of many different ones featured on this site. My initiative is to show a wide arrangement of different genres including both men's and women's fashion. The people you see on here will be of all different races, religions, shapes and sizes, and social, economic, and political backgrounds. Here, I want to prove that anyone can be a dapper or sleek fashion model, regardless of who they are. The articles written on here won't just be exclusive to myself because fashion isn't just about you or me; fashion is about all of us.

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