Endings are Just New Beginnings

It’s all about just expressing yourself.
— Amanda

This stunning young lady we're featuring today is Amanda. She gave us a unique angle about fall that we don't always think about. Amanda mentions that the changing seasons are like closing one door and opening another. For example, we have to put away our summer style to make way for the fashion of the fall. One day soon, we're also going to have to change our fall wardrobe for a winter one, whether that be adding on extra layers or a new style completely. Furthermore, Amanda mentions that the beauty of fall won't last forever. The elegant colors of the trees will eventually fade to brown and fall off. Not to worry, she says, spring will arrive with blooming flowers. Sometimes something has to end to make way for something new.

Amanda's attire today tends to remind us a lot of the nature around us. She's got on a pair of brown mid-calf boots with unbuttoned boot cuffs. Amanda's wearing a great floral dress with an open front cardigan. The color of her cardigan and boots tend to lean more towards Earth tones, geared for the fall palette. Although fitting for the season, her dress, which has an array of graceful white flowers, reminds us a tad bit about the summer. Along with her boot cuffs, which unbuttoned give a great sense of character, Amanda has mixed this current season with a dash of the prior months very well. All in all, her apparel is without a doubt a great composition.

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