The Scars that Define Us

I wouldn’t take back anything that happened if I could.
— Sarah E.

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Sarah E.

Who we become out of our struggles is more important than the struggle itself. Sarah, who's today's featured fashion individual, proves such a statement in spades. When Sarah was only 11, she was left severely burned to the third degree on her legs after a terrible accident. She had to stay over a month at the nearby Saint Bernard's Hospital and had to get skin graft surgery as a result. Sarah mentions that although it wasn't the worst experience of her life, what happened afterwards due to the tragic event makes her have no regrets over the situation. Sometimes, amazing things can come out of our hardest times.

As a result of her burns, Sarah's doctors recommended sports as a form of physical therapy for her. Knowing that she'd always wanted to take dance, she chose that as her form of recovery. Unlike most people in competitive dance, she started late, almost nine years late. Most high level dancers begin at age three; however, that didn't stop her one bit. As a result of constant perseverance, dedication, and strength, Sarah was accepted into her high school's dance team as a freshman three years later, a feat that rarely anybody is able to accomplish. This goes to show that it's never to late to follow a new passion. Nowadays, when Sarah is asked about her scars, she doesn't view it in a negative light. She says that without this hardship, she wouldn't have been able to become who she is today.

Today's Stellar Fall Outfit

Before she has to get changed for dance, Sarah, a splendid dresser, is wearing and has composed exceptional attire. Her outfit featured today magnificently compliments the current season with its colors. Beginning with her sweater, Sarah is wearing a cozy, knit, orange cardigan whose shade just shouts fall. She has on a white, floral top, fitting for the outdoor environment. Sarah also has on a pair of classic, super skinny fit, blue jeans, great for almost anything, and brown, lace up combat boots with knitting at the top. The knitting just adds a nice sense of character to her shoes. With everything put together, Sarah has on a stylish and suitable outfit for the fall. Can't you just imagine going pumpkin or apple picking with that outfit on?

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