A Different Man than Yesterday

Don’t compare yourself to who you look up to. Compare yourself to where you want to be.
— Matt

Today's Featured Fashion Individual: Matt

Humble Beginnings

A single event or action can change the course of our lives forever. One interaction is enough to change our destiny or fate. Maybe this was our destiny or fate all along, who knows? Matt, whose life was forever changed one year ago, shares his story. He attended High Point University in North Carolina for entrepreneurship and describes it as very preppy. His fraternity, however, had a simple and modern style of street fashion, contrary to the rest of the school. He describes them as artists, musicians, DJs, and fashion enthusiasts who followed their own passions instead of what the world expected of them. This was Matt's first taste of the power and love people can truly have for such art forms.

With the price of college on the rise, Matt was part of the Army's Reserve Officers' Training Corps or ROTC to cover the costs. After graduation, Matt was stationed in Fort Lee, Virginia. Although he loved the Army and the honorable men he served with, he knew it wasn't the place for him. During his time, Matt was given an old Nikon camera as a gift from his friend on the base last November. He says that this gave him a reason to explore nearby Richmond. Matt would photograph the city's streets and graffiti, compiling albums upon albums of his photos. Instantly, he fell in love with this new passion.

Standing at the Crossroads

Once he exited the army in February, Matt was in need of a job. Naturally, due to his army experience, Matt sought a profession in logistics. This would take a few months to get, and in the mean time, the wheels of fate had something different in mind for him. During this period, Matt met Mitch, the co-founder of Tumalon, and instantly became friends just as Matt instantly loved photography. For the next five to six months, Matt and Match shot hundred of photos for look books around New York and New Jersey. Here, Matt was exposed to the larger world of street fashion that was influenced by the New York City area. Although he wasn't being paid, Matt calls this a productive hobby where he learned useful skills along the way such as new techniques, effects, and ways to frame with a camera.

Eventually, a firm in New York was interested in giving Matt a logistics career. This is what he'd been waiting for, a stable, well paying job. No, it wasn't his true passion, but a job was a job. While the firm was busy finalizing the details of hiring Matt, he ventured down to Cape May in South Jersey on his own leisure. There, he visited one of his favorite men's clothing boutiques, Galvanic. Galvanic specializes in a mix of the fashion found in our urban streets and the traditional American outdoors, combining old and new in a unique style. There, Matt showed a couple of his photos from a recent trip to San Francisco where he wore clothes he bought at the store. The owner was highly impressed with Matt because of his photography skills. Then, he offered Matt a job as the social media and photography specialist. Amazingly, Matt only started photography not even a year ago. This was Matt's crossroads. On one hand was a logistics job, well paying and stable. On the other was a job that didn't pay as well or wasn't as secure but was what he loved doing. At this point in our lives, we have to make an important choice of whether to follow our passions or what society expects of us. What did Matt choose? Well you'll have to visit him in Cape May yourself to find out.

Today's Amazing Outfit

Mixing the outdoors and street fashion in one look, Matt is wearing clothes he received all from Galvanic. He's wearing the perfect fall flannel that is black at the base with solid contrast colors. Added on his top is a green, quilted Vern's vest, made for the outdoors. He has on a pair of Kennedy slim fit denim, jeans made in the US. Matt's boots are leather, brown iron ranger boots, which are tough and elegant. His hat is a gray snap back from Herschel to add to the street look aspect. Matt looks like a man who's ready for a day of chopping down wood or going fishing but also ready for a night out in the city at the same time. That's the magic of his outfit today. It mixes two very different fashion styles into one stellar composition.

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Photos today are courtesy of Matt Miller. Check out his photography website, the Kaleyedo, his instagram, Tumalon, or Galvanic.