A Meaning in the Madness

Always be true to yourself, and never let anyone change you.
— Daniella

Today's Featured Fashion Individual: Daniella

In life, we often look for certain signs that tell us we're going in the right direction. Sometimes, we don't really know where were going until we get there. Featured today is Daniella, a person trying to find her own meaning in the madness. Her goals are quite simple: be happy and make others around her just as happy. It's how we get there and find that happiness that's difficult. When asked what her passion would be in life if she had one in mind, she instantly responded that she'd enjoy being a forensics analysts or crime scene investigator. Daniella mentions that she loves to watch shows that featured those types of professions and always asked when, why, what, and how. Although she isn't concrete sure that this is what she plans to follow, she hopes that whatever she chooses will make an impact on the lives of others.

Many of us wear a certain necklace or bracelet as a reminder of our religion, our loved ones, or our aspirations. Daniella always wears her sun necklace. The sun has always been a reminder of warmth and joy for her, so she keeps it close to her heart. Importantly, it always reminds her that everyday is a new start and always has the possibility for amazing things to happen. Daniella has also dressed differently from her usual style today. She fills in that she usually dresses with skating shirts, jeans, and high tops. However, Daniella adds that there are times when she wants to wear a dress or a skirt. There's nothing wrong with having two different styles, and it can be a breath of fresh air to turn your apparel around every so often.

Today's Awesome Outfit

Daniella's outfit is mixing it up from how she dresses most commonly, but she is still rocking it. As mentioned before, she has on a beautiful sun necklace that radiates good spirits and well being. From the bottom up, she has on a pair of tall, black leather boots, great for the current, chilly fall season. Daniella is wearing some high knee socks with a red and maroon stripe at the top that adds a sense of character. She also has on a flared black skirt and a long sleeve burgundy crop top. The colors of both her skirt and top are matched very well to the visible stripe at the top of her socks, creating a larger sense of personality to her outfit. Her darker color palette also emphasizes the fall season. Keep rocking the outfits, Daniella!

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