We Grow Up too Fast

The truth was that I wasn’t afraid to walk alone.
— Katie

Today's Featured Fashion Individual: Katie

One day we're playing on the beach with our buckets and shovels, not even tall enough to ride roller-coasters, and the next day, we're already applying for college. That's crazy. Sometimes we don't really understand just how fast we truly grow up. It all happens right in front of our family's eyes, all took quickly. Today's featured individual is Katie, who's both very fashionable for the fall and very independent. Don't judge Katie by her size. She packs a lot more punch than you can believe.

Like all of us as little kids, Katie was quite the adventurer. She quickly tied her shoes with bunny ears and jumped out the back door of her family's vacation house up in Maine. Katie says it was the perfect day with the sky painted baby blue, blending in with the ocean as if there was an endless horizon. Past the woods, she ran towards the rocks along the shoreline, her own little corner of the universe. The rocks on the shoreline jutted out like a maze with the waves crashing at their sides. It's not easy to maneuver a labyrinth of uneven and wet rocks. Danger lurks like a shadow, but Katie gave no mind. 

As she explored the rock formations along the shore, Katie remembers how she'd get lost in thought during her climbs that made the rest of the world somehow disappear. The view from the top of the highest rocks were breath taking and beautiful as the water caressed the smooth sand. There was a time when Katie was so distracted by the view that she slipped on a rock right in front of her. Such an accident wasn't going to result in a little scrape but a tumble-and-fall-down-a-hill-of-boulders type of scrape. Katie didn't cry. She didn't call for help. The seven year-old Katie very well knew she was on her own, so she tied a bandana around an immense gash on her leg and walked all the way back home.

We don't give children enough credit. Their intuition and curiosity is no doubt their strong point. They may not be fully grown or very large, but their unique angle and their lust for knowledge allow them to be quite the problem solvers. Along the rocks jutting out into the ocean, Katie was able to make her own decisions, choose her own path, and be free from any overruling. She was independent. On her own, she had to learn from each mistake and each individual step, lessons no one could otherwise teach her. Most importantly, Katie wasn't afraid to walk alone. 

Today's Amazing Outfit

The colder it gets, the more accessories we get to add to our style. One of those being the wonderful floral scarf that Katie has on today. The small pops of color on the scarf go well with the maroon, long sleeve shirt dress that Katie also has on. She’s wearing a pair of brown, leather riding boots and a cozy pair of white boot socks. Having warm socks peep out the top of your boots is definitely an addition to the character of an outfit as well as a token piece of the fall. Katie’s darker colors and scarf give a great sense of the season’s style. The small, curious girl who explored the shores of Maine has blossomed into an intelligent and fashionable young woman.

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