Like My Grandfather Before Me

More and more, when I single out the person who inspired me most, I go back to my grandfather.
— James Earl Jones

Today's Featured Fashion Individual: Paulo (Me)

As the age of life expectancy increases globally, young men and women are more able to develop greater relationships with their grandparents than ever before. I'm grateful to say that I've developed a more than meaningful relationship with three out of four of my grandparents with only my paternal grandfather, Andres, being left out. He passed away too quickly for me to ever know him. To put that in perspective, I was born November 7th. He died November 8th. His surviving wife, Lita, my grandmother, constantly reminds me that out of all her grandchildren, I remind her of him the most. As much as I love to hear stories about his own sense of style, his captivating speaking, or his impact on the medical profession in Philippines and the US, I'll never truly get to sit down with him face to face.

Like my grandfather before me, I'm wearing a camo based outfit. Although Andres, my grandfather, never served in an organized military, he was a guerrilla fighter during the Second World War at the age of 15 in the Philippines. That's unbelievable to think that someone who was around my age was fighting in an armed conflict already. After the war, my grandfather followed his passion of helping others and became a doctor. He was a specialist in gastroenterology and even came to the United States during the 1950s for a few years. My grandfather had eight amazing kids, one being my father. Decades later, before I was able to know him, he died of colon cancer, which was unfortunately one of the diseases he tried to cure in his field.

Today's Camouflage Outfit 

Fall is a little bit peculiar this year. Warm temperatures seem to come and go in the month of October, allowing us to wear lighter clothing than we'd expect. The focal point of my outfit today is the camo joggers. I repeatedly get joked that my legs are invisible while wearing these. Otherwise, they tend to go well with the greenery around me, as the leaves in my area sadly haven't begun to change color. Next, I have on a pair of chukka style Timberlands. No doubt, these are my favorite boots. You can read about my revived love of them here. Moving on, I'm wearing a plain, light gray, crew neck shirt. I wanted to emphasize the camouflage pattern, so I chose a simple shirt for the day's outfit. If you wanted to recreate this outfit, a graphic tee of the same color would also work very well too. Anyways, I definitely enjoyed wearing this apparel today.

Make this outfit: boots, joggers (1), joggers (2), joggers (3), shirt, bracelet (Recreated to the best match on online retail)

Thanks for shooting with me, Alvaro!