Having Faith with Fashion

Trust in the Lord with all your heart.
— Proverbs 3:5

Today's Featured Fashion Individual: Michael P.

Religion has been a pillar of human civilization since its very beginning. The world is filled with different belief systems including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and so many more. Although we may choose different supernatural figures to worship or perhaps none at all, each religion's literature has deep morals that everybody can learn from whether we believe it happened or not. In a world where we continue to question the validity of such religions, we must remember that their stories' most important value is the lesson they aim to portray.

Michael P. is the day's featured fashion individual, both a religious and stylish young man. He's a devout Christian who turns to his faith in times of hardship. Whenever he has a difficult time understanding tough circumstances, he reads one of his favorite parts of the Bible, the Book Of Job. If you aren't familiar with this scripture, here's a short summary. A man named Job is an upright and pious man with an incredibly strong faith in his lord. When Satan confronts the Lord, God boasts of Jon's devotion to him. Satan argues that Job only does so because of his many blessings and bets God that he can get Job to curse his name through various hardships. 

In the course of a single day, Job's children, sheep, and servants all die in terrible catastrophes. He is then later afflicted with terrible skin sores. Even in these dire times, Job still prays to God and speaks highly of him in his blessings. His wife tells him to curse God for all these unfortunate events, but even then, Job refuses. After conferring with his friends and heavily questioning on why God makes the good suffer, Job accepts what has happened and restores his faith. At the heart of the story, it can be learned that even the righteous have their own struggles. It is also important to keep our morals and stay true to ourselves in times of hardship. Whether you're Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or any other religion, each story in any faith can teach a valuable lesson. Sometimes, what such literature teaches as a moral is more important than deciphering whether such an event really happened or not.

Today's Great Fall Outfit

Michael has on a stellar fall outfit on for today. He's wearing a white, argyle, quarter zip, collared sweater, which is perfect for the chilly weather. Underneath, Mike has on a simple charcoal v-neck. Although crew necks are a staple, having v-necks can also add a bit more character. Next, he has on well fitting, light colored pants. Finally, Mike is wearing rugged, black ankle boots. What he has done very well is matching light and dark colors to give his outfit a lot of personality and contrast. The pattern on his sweater works very well with the shade of his shirt. They also compliment his darker shoes. The light sand color of his pants go nicely with the white hue of his sweater too. All together, Michael has made a stylish outfit for the fall season. 

Make this outfit: boots, pants (1), pants (2), shirt, sweater (Recreated to the best match on online retail)