The Definition of Family

It doesn’t matter where you came from. What really matters is how you were raised and the values you retained.
— Leila

Today's Featured Fashion Individual: Leila

What does family mean to you? Is it something you're born into? Maybe family is a creation of the development of relationships between parents and children. Today, we're featuring Leila as our fabulous fashion individual. When Leila talks about her own family, she eventually mentions that she was adopted. We tend to assign adoption to a negative connotation, but as Leila proves, it doesn't have to be that way. She heavily centers on that fact that being adopted doesn't make you any less of a part in your family. That's simply a beautiful thing. Just like Lilo and Stitch came from two very different places, Leila and her parents come from two different places. Nonetheless, they're all still family, regardless of origin.

Leila was originally from Cambodia, and her parents that she grew up with are of Italian descent. She knew she was adopted from a very early age, but to her, it was always just a word. Her mother was no less of a mother because she didn't give birth to her. Her father was no less of a father because she wasn't biologically his. Leila considers herself an Italian-American before all else. She was raised in the culture and exposed to their language. Even around her extended family, she felt no different than anyone else. This teaches us that it doesn't matter where you were born. What matters is how you were raised and the values you learned along the way. Adopted was just a word for Leila, and it had no effect on her perspective of the family she had. She states that these people were her parents and never viewed them as anything else. Family is truly what we make of it.

Today's Amazing Fall Outfit

Leila has on an amazing outfit during this cool October day. It begins with a beautiful, blue floral dress. Added on top of that is a light wash jean jacket for keeping warm in the chilly weather. What those two pieces do really well together is contrast and compliment the lighter and darker shades of blue. Furthermore, the plain design on the jacket helps to emphasize the floral print on the dress. Finally, she's wearing a great pair of boots, one of the fall's essentials, that are lace up and suede. The darker tone of the boots also goes well with the darker tone of the floral dress. All together, Leila has made an exceptional outfit for this season

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