Men's New York Fashion 2016

Autumn in New York, why does it seem so inviting?
— Vernon Duke

My Immigrant Story 

When my dad mentions coming to America, he says that he never imagined living in New Jersey, right under the nose of New York City. When we first moved here from the Philippines almost 15 years ago, we were sure that we'd settle in California where all our relatives lived. When my mom got a major opportunity to work in Manhattan's Fashion District at Herald Square, our fates were cemented here on the Northeast. Soon enough, we began to learn the many beauties that this part of the country entails including the four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. We also have the band the Four Seasons here as well that includes Frankie, Bob, Tommy, and Nick. To a younger generation, they are better known as the Jersey Boys and have had a show on Broadway for as long as I can remember, which is sadly closing this January.

For today's shots, I was with my brother, Tim, who came home from Boston for the weekend. We roamed Central Park for a couple of hours, visiting the boathouse, fountain, and Belvedere Castle. Fall is finally showing its true colors here in New York, although gradually. If you visit this time of year, you'll see a magnificent array of yellows, oranges, and reds. I'm very glad that we have a place like Central Park. It's a garden within a concrete jungle. Luckily and unluckily, it's one of the only places left in the city that's not a skyscraper or a Starbucks. My brother and I took these photos right outside the park, in front of the row houses on 69th Street. It's my dream to live in one of these. Can you imagine being only a block away from the world's greatest urban greenery? I'll just have to save up a few million dollars first...

Today's Men's New York Fashion 

It's only around the sixties here in New York, so I've dressed in a few light layers. I begin with a double breasted, men's gray cardigan sweater. Under that, I have on a cozy men's white knit sweater with the word "Nowhere." It's a bit of an ironic word to wear here in New York because you're in the city that has everything except maybe palm trees. For the pants, I have on a pair of men's dark blue chinos to match the color of the letters on the sweater. Last but not least, I am wearing my favorite brown leather driving shoes. I've worn them before in my very first post here. All together, I've made a comfortable outfit for today's men's New York Fashion.

Make this outfit: shoes, pants, white sweater, cardigan sweater (Recreated to the best match on online retail)

Thank you to my older brother, Tim.

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