Women's New Jersey Fashion for the Fall

I honestly didn’t think it was real.
— Gina

Today's East Coast Fashion Girl: Gina

Today's dreams can be tomorrow's reality. With a little ingenuity, belief, and hard work, our aspirations are only as far away as we make them appear. Today, we're featuring my favorite East Coast girl, Gina, who's rocking some stylish New Jersey fashion. Gina speaks of her dreams of being on her high school's dance team as a young girl, similar to the story of Sarah that you can read here. Although similar, both stories follow two different paths but eventually converge at the same place. 

Gina grew up with two older brothers and was the little sister of the group. She witnessed both her brothers' high school experiences and just like them, was glued to their extra curricular activities. She mentions always watching their soccer games, dramas, baseball games, and musicals. What captivated her the most were the football games. No, not the football players themselves but the dance team on the sidelines. It seemed like lot of fun to dance in front of hundreds of spectators every Friday night. Made of a team that was no more than twenty, making the cut for this esteemed group seemed almost impossible. 

A few days after auditions, she remembers being called out of class one day, thinking she had done something wrong. Instead, she was met by the high school's dance instructor, Ms. Julie. When she told Gina that she had made the team, which had only two remaining slots, Gina's head could not stop spinning. It was more than a dream come true. Before hand, she had been second guessing herself and assuming the worst. Once she heard the words, "You made the team," her whole world eased again and everything now seemed in place. Even after making the team, she still had a lot of work to do to prove her spot, but nonetheless, Gina has given one-hundred percent at every practice and performance to do so.

Today's New Jersey Fashion

For the day's featured outfit, Gina is wearing a stellar clothing composition of teen fall fashion 2016. It all begins with the statement piece, the women's green military vest. This type of fashion article certainly adds an outdoor vibe to any look, especially in the shade Gina's wearing. Paired with the vest is a women's white cable knit sweater, a comfortable and warm choice. You can never go wrong with a sweater this fall. Moving on, Gina has on a pair of classic women's dark blue skinny jeans, great for almost any fall outfit. Finally, she is wearing some brown fall riding boots, an essential piece for this women's fashion season. Her outfit for today is definitely some great inspiration for any girl this October into November.

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