Men's Streetwear 2016

Be unique. Be your own person.
— Joe

Today's Featured Fashion Individual: Joe

In a world of over 7.4 billion people, it can be hard to stand out among the crowd. However, it's not too hard to be unique as long as we learn to express ourselves through our passions and also through our clothes. Today, we're featuring Joe who's rocking the men's urban street style, presenting that New Jersey fashion and hip hop fashion. Besides his love for attire, Joe also loves cars. He attends a special vocational school in his area to learn the mechanics of cars, how they work, and how to conduct maintenance on them. Joe's worked on a variety of different car brands from GMC and Chevy to Hyundai. He mentions that his early introduction to the industry was through MTV's Pimp My Ride, a series set in Los Angeles where car owners get their vehicle overhauled. No matter the car, after learning about their mechanics and their engineering, Joe has come to appreciate the thought and time it took to design such a machine. This has inspired him to pursue car design as a future career, adding his own unique twist and personality into the car world.

Joe is a young man of both cars and fashion. He's a distinguished sneaker head in his community and attends conventions such as Sneaker Con or SoleXchange here on the North East. Joe talks about how every shoe, like every person, is different and has its own little intricacies. He's currently sporting red and white Air Jordan 6s which retail for over $300. One of the greatest parts about these kinds of sneakers are their rarity and value. For Joe, his sneaker collection stems from the fact that he collected all types of things as a little kid such as Pokemon cards or Bakugan. Most importantly, Joe mentions that he likes doing his own thing. His goal isn't to stand out but for the satisfaction that he himself is different and following his own tastes. Just like cars, sneakers, or people, our most important value is our individuality.

Today's Men's New Jersey Fashion

Joe's apparel today goes with the men's urban street style. His New Jersey fashion begins with a men's side zip shirt in black, which follows with the current trend of the oversized outfit look. Tied around his waste is a men's red and black flannel, a great fashion piece and color for the fall. Next, he's wearing a pair of men's trashed jeans. Ripped denim has become a popular fashion trend in the last couple of months for both men and women. Finally, we get to the red and white Air Jordan 6s, which are hard to find these days and retails for a few hundred dollars. All in all, he's put together some awesome men's urban fashion for fall of 2016.

Make this outfit: sneakers, jeans, flannel, side zip shirt (Recreated to the best match on online retail)