A Fall Dress and Cardigan Outfit

I’m not just an athlete. I’m a student athlete.
— Sara

Today's Featured Fashion Individual: Sara

When the bell rings at the end of the day, Sara doesn't head home. She goes to basketball practice. Sara is not only rocking a great dress and cardigan outfit for teen fall fashion 2016, she is also a distinguished athlete. More specifically, she's a student athlete, which means she has the task of balancing both her academics and her athletics. She has only been playing basketball for two years, but she makes varsity every season, including when she was a freshman. Back when she first began, she was faced with a lot of doubt since she was late to the game. However, before the start of high school, she practiced everyday for at least two hours a day during the summer in order to improve her techniques and skills in shooting, ball handling, speed, and agility. When she got home, she weight lifted. With such strong dedication and commitment, Sara became one of the top players on her team.

Her inspiration for playing basketball stems highly from her family. Her brother, Mateo, is also an avid basketball player, and Sarah mentions that she enjoys the sibling competitiveness. Sara's mother was an amazing athlete as well. When her mother was only 12, she was the diving champion in her home country of Columbia. Sara's mom taught her that in order to hate practicing a sport, you must first love it.  She's also very proud to have a mother of Colombian descent. As a result, Sara is bilingual in both Spanish and English, a skill she is very grateful for. She also mentions that her mother will yell at her in Spanish during a game, a kind of secretive and creative mother-daughter communication. All in all, Sarah is glad to be Colombian and more than happy to have an immigrant mother who pushed her to where she is today.

Today's Fall Dress and Knit Cardigan Outfit

Sara's attire is a great example of some of the fall floral outfit ideas that you can find here. It begins with the main piece, the burgundy floral dress. Placed with that is a knit cream cardigan, a cozy, comfy, and warm choice. The long length of the cardigan goes well with the length of the dress. Furthermore, its light colors match well to the light flowers. Following the cardigan is a popular fall choice that any girl can rock, ladies' brown riding boots. These boots can go well with a variety of outfits, which makes them essential for the season. For today's apparel, Sara, an East Coast girl, is wearing a dress and cardigan outfit that fits well with New Jersey fashion and teen fall fashion for 2016.

Make this outfit: cardigan, dress, romper (alternative), boots (Recreated to the best match on online retail)