Men's Black Denim Outfit

You can never replace your mom.
— Julian

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Julian

We are a product of the environment we grew up in. We are a product of the values and morals that we were taught growing up. We are a product of our parents and family. Today's featured individual is Julian who is representing New York and New Jersey fashion in a great black denim outfit. Julian is a young man from the Bronx who didn't always have it easy in his life. He spent most of his years with his mom and grandparents in the New York City area as an only child. His mom worked three jobs while Julian was growing up as she tried to provide for her family. Julian says that although his mom was always busy, no one could ever replace her. 

A year back, Julian went to live with his dad in New Jersey. Being away from his mother, which he had never done before, was a tough adjustment. She temporarily relocated to Florida, a long way from Jersey. Julian mentions that every pair of sneakers he bought in the past year reminded him of his mother. Back when Julian would take trips into Manhattan, he would witness the world of street fashion, especially in sneakers. He marveled at the Jordan 5s, but his family couldn't afford them at the time. However, once Julian's mother became a little more financially stable, she bought him his first pair. Since then, she's always been buying Julian these expensive shoes. Now that he's buying them on his own, each new set brings back the little memories he has of his mom. Julian never resells his sneakers either because of the value they hold that no money can ever replicate. 

Reflecting on Julian's story today, it's important to remember all the sacrifices our parents made for us growing up. Sometimes, we're too young to appreciate the care and diligence our parents had. As we grow older and eventually have our own kids, we begin to better understand and become more grateful for the struggles those before us had to deal with. Diverting back to his New York life, for Julian, being a city kid sometimes meant that you were one of a million others, which can often make us feel small in such a large world. He reminds us that we are all still significant no matter what, and fashion can be a way to express that.

Today's New Jersey Fashion: Chill Black Denim Outfit

Julian is representing that fresh New Jersey fashion found here on the East Coast. It's an exceptional black denim outfit. Today's look begins with the rage denim jacket from the merchandise story of G-Easy. The back of it is awesome with the words, "Rage Against the Dying of the Light." Under that is a classic men's black crew neck. Julian's also rocking a men's black Nike hat and a pair of men's trashed jeans. The sneakers are red and black Air Jordan 1 "Banned" edition shoes. Although his look bases on a single color, the pops of red and white throughout the composition add flavor and personality to the black denim outfit.

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