Women's Fall Bomber Jacket Look

Cherish the time you have with people.
— Tiara

Today's Featured Fashion Individual: Tiara

We have to cherish people while they're still alive because we never know when they may go. The time to say thank you and I love you are now in the present. Today, we're featuring Tiara who is presenting a fall street fashion look based on a fall bomber jacket outfit. When Tiara was a young girl, her grandfather always took care of her. She used to live in Florida where it was often hard to make friends. Yet, she always had her grandfather to cheer her up. Although he was really her step-grandfather, they treated each other as family nonetheless. Tiara mentions that she was the only one who could wake up him up and that he gave her the time and attention that no one else matched.

Her favorite memories of him was when he would return home with sprinkle coated sugar cookies for her. She remembers that he always said he came from the cookie factory.  She also recalls the last time they shared these treats together. When her grandfather was diagnosed with stomach cancer, she went to visit him in the hospital. One of her uncles, by request of her grandpa, got a bag of sugars cookies for them to have. That day was the last one Tiara saw of him. Now, whenever she buys those cookies up here in Jersey, each bite brings back memories of her beloved grandfather.

Today's Fall Street Fashion 2016 

Tiara is rocking some fall street fashion and New Jersey fashion. The centerpiece of her outfit is the black padded bomber jacket. The fall bomber jacket is a popular trend among both men and women this season. Underneath, Tiara has on a women's maroon hoodie. Adding another layer of outerwear to a hoodie is great way to give some depth to an outfit. Next, she's wearing women's gray leggings. Black leggings are always a staple of the fall, but its nice to see a change of color to add some variety. Finally, Tiara has on a pair of women's Air Jordan Retro 7 sneakers. The darker tones of her shoes go very well with the dark maroon color of her hoodie. All in all, Tiara's East Coast fashion and fall bomber jacket make for a superb street look.

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