Boots on the Beach

I love the beach. I love the sea. All my life I live within - in front of the sea.
— Rafael Nadal

When I first moved to the United States, my parents, my brother, and I lived in a small two bedroom apartment three blocks from the beach. Before I could go to school, my father would bring me to the playground on the beach to play with the other children that were my age. I would always ask for five more minutes there because I was simply having the time of my life. I grew up on the beach for almost eight years.

During the summers of those first couple of years, I went to make sand castles or boogie board almost everyday, but it's possible to get too much of a good thing. Once I moved a little more inland, a few miles away from the shore, I felt as if I had already grown sick of going there. I neglected going to the beach frequently for a long period of time till I finally went back on my own decision this summer with a couple of friends. I realized that it's a real gift to live near the ocean. It's absolutely gorgeous to watch the waves crash onto the beach with the sun gleaming down on you or seeing the fireworks there on the Fourth of July. I fell in love with the Jersey Shore again just like I did as a small kid.

To go along with the theme of reviving past loves, my Timberland boots follow a similar story. I had a pair of them when I was around four or five. It snows here in Jersey during the winter, so I wore them a lot as a little boy. Just like the beach, when I started choosing things for myself, I also neglected Timberland boots. When I got older, I started seeing these boots come into mainstream fashion, and I got myself a pair. Like before, I fell in love with something all over again. These are some of my favorite boots to wear, hands down.

For the outfit, as just mentioned, I'm wearing a pair of wheat colored, waterproof, chukka-style Timberland boots. Next, I have on gray twill pants that are skinny fit. My top is a comfy light gray sweatshirt, an essential for the season. I have on a thick stand-collar jacket, which can last me into winter as well. To keep in with today's fashion trends, I'd probably switch it out for a lighter bomber jacket. On my wrist, I have a gray anchor bracelet, which was very fitting for the beach. Finally, I'm wearing a navy Superman hat to complete my look. 

Make this outfit: shoes, pants, sweatshirt, jacket (same style), bomber jacket (alternative), hat (option 1), hat (option 2), anchor bracelet (Recreated to the best match on online retail)