Rockin' the Camo

Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.
— Olivia

Featuring Olivia, who's rocking the camouflage. Of course, camouflage in fashion is inspired by our military's battledress. Olivia's own older brother, Jordan, just finished a four year service for our nation's navy in San Diego, all the way across the country from here in New Jersey. When we wear camouflage, it's important to remember the honorable men and women who wore it first in combat. We may not always agree with a certain war or conflict, but it's important to respect the people who put their lives on the line to protect our nation's freedom. Today's post is in respect for both Olivia's brother, Jordan, and all former and active military personnel.

For the outfit, Olivia is wearing tall, black riding boots, which are becoming more common in the fall. She's wearing black leggings, a women's fall essential and a great everyday choice. Olivia also has got on a long shirt topped with the statement piece of her apparel, the camouflage shirt jacket. In the past couple of seasons, camouflage has been a reoccurring trend. Along with the rest of her outfit, Olivia has definitely created a quality fall composition. 

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