Men's White Denim Jacket Outfit

That is a blessing that I will take to my grave.
— Mitchell

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Mitchell

We remember our life in pieces. We remember our life in small fragments that come together to form a full picture. Especially in our childhood, the memories we hold are often hard to detail and are randomly remembered. Speaking of such times is Mitchell, who grew up in Bridgewater, New Jersey as the son of two immigrants from the Philippines and the eldest of their three boys. Separated by around two and a half years, Mitch and his younger but not youngest brother, Mike, were always very close. In an immigrant family, your sibling is your best friend. In the years to follow, they have grown up to start their own clothing brand together, Tumalon. Of course, not every pair of brothers had gotten along perfectly, but they loved each other nonetheless. Today, Mitch gave his father his birthday present, a book titled What's Your Story? It's filled with an assortment of hand written stories from various people. Instead of a card and in order to fit the motif, Mitch wrote a story of his own on the back page dedicated to his parents...

"When I was a youngin (I believe I was 7 or 8), my brother, Mike, struck me over the head with a golf club. That was the only time I ever blacked out in my life, but I can remember that day so vividly. I remembering eating pizza, watching the Jets game wedged between my dad and the couch, hearing my mother's worried voice echoing behind. I remembering being told to stay awake, to fight the tiredness that the day had brought me. As I fought the darkness closing in, with death surely knocking on the door of our house, I didn't feel scared. I FELT LOVED. If fate had written an alternate story, one where a youngin would be stripped of his life, laying between his parents that night, I would have died loved. That is a blessing that I will take to my grave.

Thank you, Mom & Dad."

Today's White Denim Jacket Outfit

We're glad that Mitch grew up to be a cunning, handsome young man. Today, Mitch's doing a little bit of outdoor photography at an abandoned house along a nearby railroad. For the clothing, he's rocking some great fall layers to represent his New Jersey fashion sense in a white denim jacket outfit. It all beings with the main piece of his apparel, the denim jacket, a popular men's fall fashion trend. He's mixing it up by going with a white color instead of the classic indigo. Underneath that is a men's white henley shirt with black stripes. Even though the shirt and jacket are both white, the stripes add a pop for design contrast. Next, Mitch is wearing skinny fit, gray twill pants, which continues the light color palette. Finally, he has on a pair of men's white high top converse with awesome red and blue designs on them to further add a sense of character to complete his fall street fashion.

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