6 Favorite Halloween Costumes from 2016

Halloween is an opportunity to be really creative.
— Judy Gold

Another great year and another great Halloween. Today, we're featuring not one person but six different rocking costumes for Halloween Outfits 2016. It ranges from your classic high school geek to a most elegant snow white. There's a set of dashing and shiny armor to a beautiful fairy ballerina. These costumes go from clean and simple to detailed and complex. No matter what it was, any of these favorite Halloween costumes are ones to keep in mind for next year or perhaps another costume party. Dressing up ins't just for the little ones anymore.

1. Bob Ross and a Rocking Raccoon

He's everybody's favorite art instructor and today, Emily W. has replicated Bob Ross perfectly. We're always seeing men dressing as Bob Ross for this holiday, but it's an interesting change up to see a woman rock the 'fro even more. She's wearing a light blue shirt and light denim while holding a colorful palette and  a mountain painting. For her creativity, it scored her first place in her high school's costume contest. Hey, who's behind her there? That's Grace in an awesome raccoon costume. Grace is a very lively and energetic person and her costume suits her personality perfectly. She's not just a photo bomber in this photo, she's an interesting addition to the shot.  Who ever thought that you'd see Bob Ross so suave with a raccoon in the background?

2. Fareem Armor Set from Dark Souls

There is one word for this costume and it is, "Wow." The young man under the shinning set of armor is Karolis whose rocking some stunning cosplay from Dark Souls. He's spent almost nearly the whole year working on it, and his efforts truly stand true out. To even the last detail, this set of armor is amazing. There's a large scratch on the helmet and fur lining across the shoulders. The sword has its own sheath and every piece is separate from each other like an actual set of plating would be. The brown leather, iron colored armor, and green accents work exceptionally in tandem together. This Fareem Set from Dark Souls is definitely the coolest and most intricate costume I've had the pleasure of witnessing all day.

3. A Beautiful Angelic Fairy Ballerina

Leila's been dancing all her life and her costume is surely a testimony to that. She's absolutely beautiful in an all white angelic fairy ballerina costume. Everything together is just wonderful from the embroidery on the top to the wings on the back. Couldn't you just imagine her in a ballet routine flying across the stage? Perhaps you could envision her leaping across the air? No matter what move she may be doing, she'll look amazing in her white fairy ballerina outfit for Halloween.

4. The Elegant Snow White

Being a Disney princess isn't a fantasy just reserved for little girls. Today, Jen looks lovely in her Snow White Costume. The texture and reflection of her blue top really bring out the pop of the outfit. The colors are also matched perfectly to Disney's rendition of Snow White, and she is recognizable instantly. Seeing Jen look so beautiful reminds us that we will always have our inner child in us. Her poses truly bring out her inner Snow White. When we're old and grown, I hope that we can all look back and cherish our childhood loves and fantasies. For Jen, it's not longer a fantasy. Being royalty is a reality as she was her school's homecoming queen.

5. Classic High School Geek

It's cool to be smart, and Kasey definitely proves that today. He has a naturally preppy style of dressing and mixed with a bow tie and glasses, he's wearing a classic high school geek outfit. Although not too hard to make, Kasey has put a subtle but well noted amount of attention to detail from the polka dots on his red bow tie to the pen in his pocket square. Being one of the smartest kids if not smartest kid in his senior class, Kasey's costume fits his own personality quite well in a positive light. With brown boat shoes, a belt to match, khaki colored pants, a blue button down shirt, square glasses, and red bow tie, he's made quite the dapper and preppy men's geek costume.

6. Biker Girl from the 50s

Finally on our list is the timeless 50s biker look. You've seen it in Grease. You've seen it worn by the Fonz. It's a costume that has lived on strong throughout the generations. The leather jacket is truly a statement and Jackie is presenting it with a look that says, "I'm last person you want to mess with." No doubt, this is a great costume for men and women. What really pulls Jackie's look together today is the red bandana. It's a small detail but adds a pop of color to the outfit that draws the attention of the viewer. Styled with black leggings, a classic white tee, and black boots, Jackie's 50s biker girl costume is a force to be reckoned with.

As a side note, I guess there's really seven costumes should you count Grace and Emily separately.

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