The Immigrant Mentality

My family is totally different from any other I’ve ever known.
— Michael

Back at it again with one of my favorite fashion-loving guys, Michael. For a majority of people in the United States, our ancestry can be traced back to immigrants only a few generations back. For Michael, these immigrants happen to be his parents. His mother is from the Ukraine, and his father is from Poland. Mike says that he was fluent in both Polish and Ukrainian before English even though he was born in the states. He describes his family as unique and in a good way, crazy. Mike describes that his parents gave him a strong work ethic as well as more freedom than they had growing up because Mike's parents are from places where freedom is a luxury, not a given. 

I'm loving Mike's outfit today. He begins with cognac Bullboxer Tellumo Oxfords. Then, he has on a pair of grey skinny fit jeans. To match his shoes, he's also got on a similar colored leather belt. Michael is wearing the classic rolled up, white, long-sleeved shirt with a button down collar and chest pocket. To top off an already stylish set on its own, he's got on a grey blazer as well! From his photos, you can also see that Mike's a natural model. Keep up the great style!

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Next GQ model, maybe?