When We Least Expect It

There are many ways to find yourself. For me, it’s through music.
— Althea

Featuring Althea, who, like many of us, is a music lover. She loves to sing not only in her school's choir but also covers and her own original pieces. Althea plays many different instruments including guitar, flute, and piano. One of her passions is also teaching this gift to other people, especially young children. She mentions that music is a real stress reliever in her hectic life. Music also aids her in letting go of her emotions and transports her into a new world, void of the craziness in everyday life. For many of us, I'm sure it is the same way. Expression through creative forms such as music, art, or even fashion can be real booster to get us through the day. For Althea, this is definitely music. For me, this is definitely fashion.

Althea, as said before, lives a very busy life and sometimes finding an outfit for the day needs to be done in a pinch. Although, sometimes our best outfits can be made when we least expect them to. When Althea chose her outfit this morning, she had only a short time to go before leaving for classes. She knew the fall season called for a pair of boots. She chose a great pair of dark brown riding boots for the day. What goes well with those? A pair of light colored jeans to add contrast, which Althea perfectly has on today. Chosen next was her top. It is an embroidered, open shoulder, blush colored piece, a popular style. Finally, on her wrist is a shiny set of gold colored bangles, a nice touch to wrap up her look today. She comments that her outfit was based off her boots, and when making quick fashion choices, sometimes it's best, as Althea has proven, to just begin with a single item to base the others off of.

Make this outfit: boots, jeans, top, bangles (Recreated to the best match on online retail)