From Georgia Nights to Jersey Lights

Whatever you feel comfortable in is what your style is.
— Andre

Today's Featured Fashion Individual: Andre

When asked where you grew up, that's often just the answer of your hometown or city that you spent your childhood or teen years in. What happens when your identity is a mix of different locations and states? What do you say when you're the product of not just one place, but two? This is Andre. He's the definition of a young man made of two very different places and whose style is the creation of many places as well. Andre has lived in both Georgia and New Jersey, and he has experienced both the Northeast and the Southeast. Yes, they're the same ocean and the same coastline, but they are two very distinct places. 

Looking back at his days in Georgia, Andre mentions the type of Southern Charm found there. He talks about how life is a slower pace than up North. People can make more time for each other. They wave and greet each other regardless of where they're trying to get to. Everybody knows everybody is how he puts it. The beautiful weather almost all year long, the chill vibes of the South, and its hospitality create an atmosphere unique to anywhere else in the country. In New Jersey, we idolize the same values, but living in such a quick paced lifestyle often means we don't make a lot of time for each other. That's just the result of the way we live in the suburbs of New York City. It's important to remember and acknowledge everyone around us and make small talk once in a while. You never know when you'll make someone's day because of it.

Today's Street Style Outfit

Andre's style is an outstanding example of street wear. He says that he doesn't copy any one person. Down in Georgia, they were quick to follow the hip hop and rap industries and often styled themselves accordingly. However, Andre takes what he likes from multiple people. He mentions that he may get inspired by a jacket worn by Chris Brown and put that with a shirt he saw Ty Dolla $ign have on. That's how we create our style. It's always bits and pieces from other people's fashion put together in a comfortable composition that we like.

For today's featured outfit, Andre has created a look that's a serious eye grabber, made of many current fashion trends. The focal point of his apparel today is the sage bomber jacket, one of the fall's most popular pieces. He's styled that with a plain white hoodie and black Adidas's training pants. Andre's rocking some seriously nice white and gold sneakers today, Jordan Retro 11s. What also really adds to Andre's outfit is the gold chain and watch that go with the accents of his shoes. It's always the little details that can really make it pop. Loving the street style, Andre.

Make this street look: bomber jacket (1)bomber jacket (2)white hoodie (1), white hoodie (2), pants, shoes, chain, watch (Recreated to the best match on online retail)