Leadership Ready

Don’t bend over backwards trying to be someone you’re not.
— Maleah

Featuring Maleah, who's a natural leader. She's an avid public speaker and is significant in her school's society. Maleah holds the presidential position among her peers and is very active in creating and planning events for students. To hold such a position, one must hold their head high with confidence, which she definitely does. She says that if you want to convey a certain idea, your clothing needs to follow in the same theme. However, she adds, even though you should dress for who want to be, you shouldn't try to ultimately make someone you aren't naturally. Our clothes are often a first impression of who we are. It's important to take diligence in your outfit. Although, we should portray the best aspects of ourselves and not aspects we don't have. Maleah aimed to show her leadership and proper side, a characteristic she already exerts. 

The day these photos were taken, Maleah was scheduled to speak in front of her colleagues and carefully chose her outfit this morning. Without a doubt, her apparel today coincided with the idea of leadership. She has on a cozy gray cardigan for the chilly fall weather. Maleah also has on a black skirt and a classic white cami. Finally, we arrive at the shoes. She has on a pair of suede, navy, lace up boots. The color of laces beautifully compliments the color of the shoes. All in all, Maleah has made a look that will surely strike professionalism into the eyes of those around her. Keep it up!

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