The Circle of Fashion

Get out of your comfort zone.
— Sarah

Life is a circle, as told by the Lion King. Kids eventually grow up, sometimes too fast for their parents to fathom. It comes to the point that where one day, these kids become parents themselves and have their own children. For us in our teens or twenties, most of our mothers and fathers grew up in the 80s and early 90s. We look at their old photos and occasionally laugh at what they wore. Many of us are guilty of that. However, it's a bit ironic in the end. Lets take bomber jackets for example. You may have seen your mom wear one in a photo from her teenage years. 30 years later and we find ourselves wearing the same jacket. It's a different fit for sure, but at its heart, it's the same. One day, when we have our own kids, they'll probably make fun of us for what we wore, but who knows, maybe the article of clothing they joked about will come back into style. 

Featured today is Sarah, diverting from her usual apparel. She says that she is usually very chic and fancy but decided to mix it up. Sarah mentions that her look is more casual than other days, which in certain circumstances, such as this one, can be a plus. Dressing down just means dressing a little more simpler, and being simple can often have more presence than being complex. Going back to Sarah mixing it up from her typical clothing, don't be afraid to take a fashion risk. Just because you're not use to wearing it doesn't mean you can't rock it. Like Sarah, a few changes to your daily style can really stand out to others.

The center piece of today's outfit is the green bomber jacket that Sarah's wearing. Often adding such a jacket to an outfit can give it a great style boost. Her top is a blue graphic tee, which adds a lot more character than just a plain shirt. Sarah's pants are a ripped pair of black jeans, and her shoes are suede, strapped, pointed toe flats. Sarah's outfit is made up of many fundamental things: flats, jeans, a shirt, and a jacket. What really makes her set stand out is the small details such as the white words on her dark blue shirt for contrast, the rips on her jeans, or that having her shirt tucked into her pants contrasts the length of her bomber jacket. Sometimes, its not what we wear, but how we put it together too. 

Make this outfit: flats (option 1), flats (option 2), jeans (option 1), jeans (option 2), shirt, bomber jacket (Recreated to the best match on online retail)