A Trip to Cape May

What it means to you is worth more than the price tag.
— Mitchell

As the southern most tip of New Jersey and surrounded by water, Cape May on a cloudy day was more than the perfect place for a little photo shoot in the morning. Cape May is one of the most iconic towns in the small state, complete with amazing seafood, marinas, and a beachfront. It has the combination of an old age Victorian town and a seafood haven. You can find stunning red and white lighthouses or old docks, which give an insight to the historic characteristics of the southernmost edge of New Jersey.

Featured today is Mitchell, a rising fashion entrepreneur. He's captured here exploring one of Cape May's docks and looking stylish as ever. Mitch comments that fashion is almost indescribable to him. In our society, clothing is a basic human necessity. There, it can act as a canvas for our own personal art that we get to show everyday. At its heart, fashion is an expression of our individual uniqueness. Mitch emphasizes the fact that there is really no "cool" in fashion either. You should wear whatever you want, and at the end of the day, what your clothing is worth to you outweighs any price tag. As the co-founder of Tumalon and Mullica Beach, Mitch preaches that you can go and do anything as long as you set your mind to it. 

For his outfit, Mitch has on a mix of a street look and an outdoor look. At the base, his top is a black, long sleeve shirt with the word Zulu in gold letters. To keep warm in the falling temperatures, he has on a cozy, plaid, hooded flannel, perfect for autumn. Mitch also has on a black quilted vest, adding to the outfit's personality around the docks of Cape May. His pants are a slim fit pair, reminding us of the sand color found on the nearby beach. To close off Mitch's distinctive apparel, he ends with some great cognac duck boots. All together, Mitch has created a look that's not only ideal for fall, but the environment he was in. Loving the style, Mitchell!

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Photos courtesy of Mitchell