Burgers and Bomber Jackets

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.
— Rabindranath Tagore

Sometimes we let a rainy day get the best of us. The sound of the drizzle instills the mentality of just staying inside with a warm blanket and a movie. I did do that today, believe me, but afterwards, I saw the rain as an amazing opportunity to do a photo shoot. This was well into the afternoon, and it was still light. However, as I went around town, I couldn't quite capture the beauty of the rain and the tone of the environment it brings along with it. I tried an assortment of fences, paths, and walls to try to get some shots today. Maybe one of them may of worked, but I was never satisfied. After looking at multiple locations around town, it was already 6 o'clock. Unfortunately, the natural lighting of the day was quickly dying down, and night came. I seriously thought I was done trying to photo shoot today, but thankfully, I wasn't.

In a little bit of despair, I took a seat at my local burger shop and ordered my usual, a bacon cheeseburger and fries. The comfort of such food help to me to relax and feel better since I couldn't get any material today. I laid my bomber jacket out to dry on an empty chair, wet from my unfruitful attempts to shoot in the rain. Then, my friend Alvaro called me up and asked me if I was down to hang out. I had the rest of the night free, so I agreed. He showed up to my location only a couple of minutes later. 

I told Alvaro my situation of the day. Many times, I attempted to capture my bomber jacket outfit in the weather, only to be unsatisfied of the turnout. He suggested that we could keep trying and use some of the artificial lighting, so I decided to give it a shot. Funny enough, after a few attempts under street lights, we ended up right outside the burger shop I had dinner only half an hour ago. We often saw the employees of the establishment look at us curiously, and I often pondered what they though of the two young guys with a camera outside of their restaurant. Whatever they thought, we were having a lot of fun doing it. I never thought that the night would make such a great place for material, but it did. We actually ended up just spending a majority of it doing this, posing in my favorite red bomber jacket against the white post.

Onto the night's outfit, as said before, I've got on a rust red bomber jacket, one of the fall's most popular street fashion pieces. Next, I have on a beige sweater. When I first got it, it was a little bit baggy, so I rarely wore it. Yet, paired with the bomber jacket, the baggy sweater went well with the look I wanted. I guess that sometimes an article of clothing just needs to be matched with the right thing to make it work. Moving on, I'm wearing black, skinny fit, twill pants and gray chukka boots whose accents on the bottom matched the beige sweater. I went with another street look, and with the rain, it seemed to turn out pretty well despite being a little wet from the day's adventures. I learned that night, though, that the best solutions often come when we wait a bit. I would have never though that outside my burger shop at night would have been a pretty good place for a shoot. 

Make this outfit: chukka boots, pants, sweater, bomber jacket (Recreated to the best match on online retail)

Taken with the help of Alvaro