Women's Off the Shoulder Look

No matter what you wear, be confident in it.
— Helena

Today's Fall Fashion Featured Individual: Helena

Nobody was ever born perfect. Even the most fabulous get insecure at times. It's only human nature to see our flaws and overlook the beauty within. Today's New Jersey fashion and teen fall fashion individual is Helena. Like almost all teenagers, Helena struggled with acne and for her, it began at a young age. It's certainly a difficult phase in our life during our periods of acne. One day we go to sleep with a clear face and wake up met with an outbreak. It's perhaps one of our worst nightmares for a generation where our self image is held high. However, due to her former acne, Helena indirectly discovered a love of fashion and makeup.

Throughout middle school for Helena, she had quite the battle with her breakouts. As a means to conceal her acne, she often turned to makeup. By practicing her make up constantly, her skills in the art heavily developed. If you look at her photos above, doesn't she look absolutely stunning?  After make up, fashion began to come into play for Helena too. Like make up, it was a way to boost her confidence in a period when acne was prominent in us all. She mentions that she began to feel more assured and comfortable. After growing a bit older and having her breakouts begin to fade, Helena realized she had created a love for each of the expressive forms. Already having a basis in both topics, she likes to adventure and try new and interesting things as witnessed with her outfit today. For Helena, what began as a usual teenage problem resulted in the discovery of her fondness for new passions. We never know what can happen out of our struggles.

Today's Rocking Off the Shoulder Look

Helena's rocking a cozy and stylish sweater and leggings outfit. Of course, the outfit begins with the off the shoulder and oversized blue sweater. Such a look has become ever more prominent in this year's women's fall fashion trends. What has got to be the most interesting part of her apparel is the leggings. They are an essential piece and a girl's best friend this season for their comfort and versatility. The most impressive part is the tribal design on the white printed leggings. Finally, we reach the women's black fur lined boots, yet another comfy and cozy choice for the season. Her outfit is made up of a few simple pieces when listed but are very interesting when seen. This off the shoulder look is for sure one to take some great inspiration from.

Make this outfit: boots (1), boots (2)leggings (1), leggings (2), sweater (1), sweater (2), sweater (3) (Recreated to the best match on online retail)