Casual Men's Cardigan Look

To me, heritage is your family story that you write a portion of and then hand down to the next generation.
— Andrew

Today's Fall Fashion Individual: Andrew

Family Values

Even if two people are from the same country or place, no two people really have a single heritage. Our roots aren't just where we come from but also the family we come from. Today's New Jersey fashion and teen fall fashion individual is Andrew who is rocking a casual men's cardigan look. Andrew has a strong family life and is grateful to have been exposed to the values and morals of his past elders. When he was four, he remembers his grandmother being very ill. However, Andrew recalls her smile and constant strive to make the most out of the time they had. He deems that one of the most meaningful memories he's had of her.

For Andrew, family means he will be willing to protect them no matter the cost, and in turn, they''ll do the same. He mentions that there is nothing in the world that could possibly make him stop loving them. For Andrew, family never gives up or turns their back on each other. Most importantly, their small problems or disagreements are forgotten because life is too short to worry about the negatives. It's also about keeping it real and being honest. One of the most important family values is openness and the willingness to share our triumphs, failures, joys, and tears. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, these people are all we have.

The Definition of Heritage

Everyone has a unique heritage, as Andrew puts it. As stated before, even if two people come from the same country, nobody truly has the same roots. To Andrew, heritage is a mix of where our ancestors came from and also who they were and the values they held dear. He himself is also of mixed nationality, being both Ecuadorian and Puerto Rican. Andrew feels that every family has a special story and that each one of us has an opportunity to write a portion of it. This story is then handed down to the next generation for them to add to. Heritage doesn't end with death. It only begins again with those children who follow.

Finally, Andrew says that our ethnicity means everything yet nothing at them same time. He's thankful for the ancestors that came here from their native lands to make a better life not only for themselves but for eventually Andrew and those they'll succeed him. Ethnicity is a reminder of those who came before us. However, as much as we celebrate our ethnicity, what's equally as important is living in a society where ethnicity also doesn't define who we can become or who we associate with. For Andrew, we need to live in a colorless community where everyone shares the same opportunities and gets the same treatment regardless of whether we're African, European, Hispanic, Asian, Middle-Eastern, or perhaps somewhere in between.

Today's Men's Casual Outfit

If you need some men's casual outfit ideas, Andrew has one of them for you. His men's cardigan look fits right in with this year's New Jersey fashion and teen fall fashion. It begins, of course, with the navy cardigan sweater, a warm and cozy choice for autumn. Then, he has on a classic crew neck shirt that has a light blue hue to contrast the dark color of the sweater. It's also a large misconception that we always need to wear a button up or button down shirt with a cardigan, but Andrew proves that this doesn't need to be the case. Next, Andrew is wearing a pair of classic denim jeans and pull on boots to wrap up the clothes of his look. His outfit today is definitely one to add to your men's fall outfit ideas.

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