Men's Red Padded Jacket Look

It should always be a free room. Zero Judgement.
— DeVonn

Today's Fashion Featured Individual; DeVonn

Putting ourselves in a new environment can often be a real eye opener, and learning about the individuality of others can help us to discover our own individuality. Today's men's outdoor fashion and fall street fashion individual is DeVonn who's rocking a red jacket outfit. DeVonn is from Keyport, New Jersey, a small town along the shore. Finishing middle school offered him a plethora of new opportunities when he got accepted to the prestigious Biotechnology High School in Monmouth County, the best high school in Jersey for 2015. Back in his home town, DeVonn was exposed to mainly only the people who lived around him but going to a school that featured that best of the best students from hundreds of other areas introduced DeVonn to a wider range of society.

Before high school, DeVonn characterizes himself as a kid who threw around a lot of different slurs and stereotypes, disregarding what it really could have meant to others. From the moment he entered the building of Biotech, he discovered that his assumptions of people and groups were barely even a spec of reality. During his years, DeVonn met other young men and women who were all so original and comfortable as well as proud of who they were. Now a senior, he has become well adapted to what was once a new environment.  DeVonn realized that before these last years, his thinking was too close minded, and it restricted him from getting to truly know the others around him. After this eye opener, DeVonn became aware that the stigmas and stereotypes of the past were terms that weren't going to help him in life.

For DeVonn, after being acquainted with individuals with a wide range of diversity, he stopped being so cautious about his own style. Without the worry of what others might think about him, DeVonn was able to grow his own personality. He's become self expressive and embraces who he is without a care of what others may perceive as quirks of his. In turn, he doesn't judge anyone at first glace anymore. Instead, he celebrates the variety of fun loving, artistic, and intelligent students he gets to witness everday. We should treat all people in the same manner. If we let people express themselves for who they are, it allows us to do the same. The world should be a free room, void of assumptions or jumping to conclusions. 

Today's Men's Red Padded Jacket Look

DeVonn is showing off his teen fall fashion and New Jersey fashion in a men's red padded jacket look. He's first wearing a pair of Nike SB Trainerendor sneakers, great for everyday use and versatile for a variety of men's street outfits. This is followed by some dark beige joggers, an essential piece for the season. To go along with the black shoes, DeVonn is rocking a men's long sleeve crew neck of the same shade. Finally, we arrive at his men's red padded jacket to combat the cold this autumn. The rest of his look is mainly neutral colors, so it's nice to see a large pop of red, adding flair. Keeping warm and stylish this fall, DeVonn adds to the collection of men's fashion ideas.

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