Women's Flannel Outfit for Fall 2016

Don’t sit on a dream. You have to make it happen yourself.
— Jessica

Today's Fall Fashion Featured Individual: Jessica

When we love an art form, one day we’re interpreting it, and the next day, we’re creating it. Today’s fall street fashion and New Jersey fashion individual is Jessica who is rocking a women’s flannel outfit. For almost all of her life, Jessica has been the forefront of every choir she’s been a part of, even since a young age. Like many young chorus singers, she began on Sundays in church. Jessica’s voice during a Christmas carol sparked the interest of her instructor, and she was quickly put into the adult choir. Jess had no idea that she’d quickly be up at the head of the group. All the way from middle school well into high school, her voice rang through auditoriums as well as everywhere she went. Realizing that all eyes were often on her, out of stage fright, Jessica dropped singing. In the process, however, she found a new passion within music. Instead of singing it, she began to compose it herself.

During her sophomore and junior year, Jessica began to write and create music out of curiosity. Whether it was while watching television, talking on the phone, or perhaps relaxing in her room, she never stopped listening to songs and beats. Jess loved the way it enveloped and overwhelmed her that she eventually started spending hours upon hours writing and listening to music. When she met her friend Joe in her junior year, he introduced her to recording and an even deeper understanding of music creation. Little did she know a few years ago that this would become her true passion. Everyday, her and Joe, now known as Joey Lavish and formerly JoeDaGod, produced original works in his basement. Her best work, however, occurred when she least expected it to. During one midnight, she emerged from her sleep and created “Feelings,” which she wrote down in a matter of minutes. The final copy has been listened to over 50,000 times and appears on 300 playlists. With a new drive and new equipment, Jessica is more than ready, along with Joey Lavish, to produce more awesome beats, rhymes, and rhythms.

Today's Women's Flannel Outfit

For today’s ladies’ street fashion and teen fall fashion, Jessica is looking fly and rocking a women’s flannel outfit. At the base is a pair of ladies’ brown combat boots, an essential style for any woman this autumn. Next is a pair of gray leggings, also a girl’s best friend. Although the color black is the most popular for leggings, other simple shades such as gray can enhance any casual look. Moving on, Jessica is wearing a classic crew neck and of course, the black and white flannel. The outfit is not complete though. Finally, she’s wearing an awesome black beanie from Supreme, one of the most popular street brands ever to hit the fashion scene. For today’s New Jersey Fashion and teen street fashion, Jess has on an awesome, dark women's casual look for this season’s urban apparel.

Make this outfit: boots, leggings, crew neck, flannel, beanie (Recreated to the best match on online retail)