Women's Fall Sweater Outfit

Always look at yourself and love what you see.
— Marcella

Today's Fall Fashion Featured Individual: Marcella

We are beautiful just the way we are. Each human being is created special, regardless of what we consider to be our imperfections. Today's teen fall fashion and New Jersey fashion individual is Marcella who has on a superb fall sweater outfit. Society pressures us with many standards especially in our appearance. Marcella herself struggled with trying to be thin to the point where it was unhealthy. However, since then she's gone through a change in the past year of self realization and self acceptance. Sometimes our best forms just happen to be how we are naturally. Like Marcella, we don't need to change ourselves to be beautiful.

Around the age of 14, Marcella had come across a mentality to become more fit and thin. She didn't love who she saw looking back at her in the mirror. Soon after, Marcella began to deprive herself of eating and exercised heavily, believing this was the way to get to where she wanted. Within the first month, she dropped over 10 pounds. Her mother took a great concern and urged her to stop, but unfortunately, it was already too late. Believing she was skinny, Marcella thought she had the body type that everyone would have desired of her. Even after knowing the flaw in her mentality, she didn't want to stop.  She feared being overweight and had a constant need for self improvement.

At her lowest point, Marcella recalls weighing around 100 pounds. She says her biggest problem was not really what the scale would tell her, but her own mindset. Eventually, Marcella realized that she wasn't happy. Her family had an equal pain as she did. Finally, she decided to stop forcing herself to be thin. By doing so, Marcella found that she had a lot more joy and ease in her life by just being who she was naturally. She says that she still has her own insecurities, but for everyday that passes, she learns to love herself a little more. Marcella reminds us that sometimes we fall off the right track, but what's important is bouncing back to who we are at heart.

Today's Fall Sweater Outfit

For today's artsy look, Marcella is rocking a fall sweater outfit. Its centerpiece, of course, is the knit navy striped sweater. The rest of the outfit follows a darker tone, but the white on her top stands out for great contrast. Next, she's wearing a women's black denim skirt and a pair of tights. Finally, Marcella's styling women's  ankle boots to finish off her look. Her outfit is perfect for a trip to Manhattan during the evening or perhaps just a small excursion to a local coffee shop. Either way, its another to stellar composition to add for women's fall fashion ideas. 

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