Women's Philly Fashion for Fall 2016

Today we took a history class trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It felt like we went back in time.
— Amanda

Welcome to the City of Brotherly Love

Founded by William Penn well before our own country was founded, Pennsylvania was originally intended to be a safe haven for all religious groups. Today, we had the pleasure of exploring its City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection, Philadelphia. Such a historic area was home to the meeting houses of the men who formed our country from the ashes of colonies. As the stylish young ladies of teen fall fashion explored this city, we remembered what it took to give us the country we live in. This week’s featured weekly article is a look back in time as well as a look at our current reality.

The Place of Our Founding Fathers

The first stop on our tour of Philly was Independence Hall and the surrounding area where our rising nation first declared its separation from Britain. There is a statue of George Washington, our first president, right in front. As his first term as president, he actually lived right across from that hall. Connected to Independence Hall is also the first house of Congress. The first Congress met in a small, two story, brick building on the right with the Senate meeting on the top floor and the House meeting on the bottom. It’s amazing how the birth of America occurred right in this very spot. Afterwards, we saw the original house and burial place of Ben Franklin. Interestingly enough, Ben Franklin was more than a founding father. He was a diplomat, inventor, writer, and scientist. Truly, he embodied the saying “A Jack of All Trades” and then some.

Betsy Ross and the Power Within Us All

Then, we headed over to the Betsy Ross house. She was the woman credited with the creation of our first flag. Even back then, women could have a huge impact on society and proved to be more than just the usual wife and housekeeper. The young ladies you see today are much more than who they appear to be on the surface. They, like Betsy Ross, can make a splash in the world as big as anyone else can. Hand in hand, young men and women both have equal opportunity to change the Earth for better. No matter who you are, any one of us has the power to make an impact on our country and our society.

Cue the Rocky Theme Song

We all remember that Rocky montage where he runs up the stairs of the Philadelphia Art Museum. I mean, what's a tour of Philly if we don't do the same? Here, the young ladies had the opportunity to jog up the steps that Stallone himself escalated. The view from the top is amazing as well. From all the way up, the skyline of the City of Brotherly Love can be viewed with a long boulevard that seems to go on infinitely. As the Autumn brings the change of color in the trees, the beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow can be viewed from the small touches of nature scattered threw out this area.

Last Stop at the Ice Cream Shop

Finally, what was perhaps a great closing to great a day, we stopped by Franklin's Fountain, a local ice cream shop not too far away from the historic district of the city. After a long day of walking, it was a true joy to be able to have a bit of ice cream and milkshakes, even on a chilly fall day. The place definitely has the charm of the city implanted inside. It's nice to head out to your nearby parlor in your home town, but the ambiance of this establishment in Philly gave a whole new flavor, figuratively and literally.

A Commentary by Amanda...

"Today we took a history class trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It felt like we went back in time while getting a walking tour though the historic district of the city. We got to see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Declaration Hall, and so many other historical buildings that all have important meanings to the United States. Then we also got a bus tour through the city of Philly and ended the day with stopping at a popular ice cream place."

Today's Women's Philly Fashion

The girls are bring their New Jersey fashion across the Delaware River! There's a few common and great looking pieces that they're rocking today. For the shoes, these young ladies are wearing fall combat boots and fall riding boots, both popular choices for this autumn. They also have on pairs of classic denim jeans or perhaps a comfy pair of black leggings. For their tops, the girls can be seen wearing cozy knit sweaters with utility jackets, puffer vests, or fur lined coats. Finally, some of their looks wouldn't be complete without scarves! Adding a scarf can definitely add some flair to any look in this cold weather!