Men's Fall Street Style 2016

Be yourself and don’t let go of your native culture.
— Eugene

Today's Street Fashion Individual: Eugene

Being part of an immigrant family living in American can provide a contrast between the values of our original culture and the American culture. Today's teen street fashion featured individual is Eugene who is rocking a black fur lined coat this autumn afternoon. Born to a family from Korea, he often felt as if he lived a dual life.  Eugene deems these aspects his "Asian life" and the other his "American life." It gives him the opportunity to express both sides of himself. For Eugene, his high school in central Jersey doesn't have a lot of people who share a similar cultural heritage as him, but he makes the most of it. Growing up, he sometimes found it hard to connect with others who shared different societal views and found himself trying to "Americanize" to the norms set forth in this type of environment.

As much as he loves hanging around his friends from all types of backgrounds, Eugene involves himself with many Korean friends. Together, he says that they can do things that he'd not normally be able to such as participate in karaoke, eating authentic Korean meals, or perhaps visiting certain Asian influenced districts in major cities like New York. His Korean crowd is very different his crowd in school. He does enjoy all these Korean culture inspired activities, but it's not to say that he doesn't love being American too. It's just that the values taught by certain families often transcend when such families share a common nationality, so their children in turn can usually easily bond about their experiences as they grow older. Even though we may not all share a common ancestry, at the end of the day, it's important to take an interest in the cultures of others and perhaps learn something new. Try a restaurant that serves cuisine you're not familiar with or attend parades and festivals for countries you don't know a lot about. 

Today's Teen Street Fashion Look

For today's teen street fashion and New Jersey fashion, Eugene is rocking a layered men's urban look. On the outside is a black fur lined coat, a trending Autumn style among ladies' and men's fall apparel. Underneath is a light red, tri-blend,  pullover hoodie. His pants are a pair of essential joggers in a light beige color. Finally, you can't go wrong with a pair of classic white sneakers. Most of Eugene's outfit today is made of lighter, playful tones but the black coat adds the more serious side of the fall. The best thing about this season's fashion is definitely the ability to enhance any look with the addition of another layer, which in Eugene's case, adds a great sense of character and contrast. His men's urban look and men's fall street style provide some great inspiration for your warm autumn outfits.

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