Men's Khaki Windbreaker Outfit

What you go through doesn’t define you. It’s how you react and how you handle the situation that does.
— Victor

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Victor

It's hard to believe how far we've come since we were young. The older we seem to get, the ever more distant our childhood seems to be. Yet, all the things that have caused struggle over the past few years have evolved us into who we are today. Friday's New Jersey fashion and teen street fashion featured individual is Victor. He's wearing an awesome khaki windbreaker based outfit to provide some great inspiration for your men's street outfits. From an early age, Victor had a life changing childhood. He and his younger brother, Joey, lived in an orphanage in Puerto Rico till Victor was around four. From the little he remembers, he recalls that it was a safe environment with other kids their age taken cared for by whom Victor refers to as the nicest lady he ever came to know. However, new guardians soon adopted Victor and his younger brother, and from there on, their life was forever changed for the better.

A new chapter started the day Victor was picked up from the orphanage. It was a change that many people like him never got and provided a fresh start. At first, his new mother suffered from depression, and he rarely saw her. As time went by, her conditioned began to improve and as the years went on, Victor came to develop a loving and deep relationship with his mom. His father, ever since they first met, always kept close with Victor. Most importantly, they taught him to have high morals and values. Together, the family of four still lived in Puerto Rico with its absolutely beautiful weather. Then, they packed their bags, left everything they knew, and came to the United States. Now in New Jersey, Victor didn't even speak English yet and lived in a neighborhood where he knew no one. It's not easy coming to an environment with a different culture than where you come from. Although, Victor quickly caught onto English and assimilated into the American society. He's grateful that his parents brought him here for a new life, and he wouldn't be who he is today without them.

Today's Men's Khaki Windbreaker Outfit

Victor is rocking some awesome teen fall fashion and men's urban street style for today's featured outfit. From the bottom up, it begins with a pair of blue high top vans. Then, he's wearing some classic denim in a light wash color whose hue contrasts the darker shade of his sneakers. His top is a gray striped shirt with a design that definitely adds character to the overall apparel. Having a single article of clothing with a pattern or design to stand out can create a great focal point. Finally, he's wearing a khaki windbreaker to stay stylish and snug in this chilly autumn season. It perfect cuts off with his gray shirt as well. All together, Victor has on a superb men's urban look for today's fall fashion inspiration.

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