Women's Green Parka Outfit 2016

That’s going to be me!
— Kerriann

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Kerriann

One musical, two months, and four performances were all it took for Kerriann’s life to be revolutionized. Whether the part was big or small, the magic of taking the stage is enough to make us all feel like a star if only for a single moment. Kerriann, today’s New Jersey fashion and teen fall fashion individual, is wearing a green parka outfit with a red and navy flannel. Now a senior, she recalls two years prior in her sophomore year when she found out by her friend Quinn, who is soon to be featured, that their high school's musical that spring would be Fame. That October night, they decided to go eat out at a local joint and discussed who could possibly play who in the show. Quinn pulled up Fame’s wikipedia page and began to read off the character descriptions. When he reached a character named Mabel, whom he said was a heavyset dancer and singer who loved food, Kerriann instantly slammed her fist on the table and exclaimed, “That’s going to be me!”

Fast forward to January, and Kerriann figure out that her dreams weren’t only for slumber. She got the part with flying colors. The next couple of weeks were unforgettable even after the late night rehearsals. Kerriann had the opportunity to build up her role of Mabel, even though she was a minor character. She loved Mabel because she was wacky and humorous. In no time at all, opening night in March came around, and the thirty five cast members of Fame were anxious to strut their hard work over the past two months. Each performance, Kerriann was left in the wings, and Mabel took the stage. She laughed, cried, fell (on purpose), and danced. When her song, “Mabel's Prayer,” ended, Kerriann received a lion's roar from the crowd that grew and grew with each show that weekend. Kerriann had appeared in numerous other musicals, but for this one, she truly felt immersed in her role and felt that her performance as well as that of the cast truly earned its stellar recognition. When the curtain closed on Sunday, tears from everyone involved came in a flood.

Fame came with a magnificent reception and received 16 Basie Nominations that year which signify excellency in High School theater for New Jersey’s Monmouth county. Out of those 16, Kerriann specifically earned one for her part as Mabel, earning a nomination for Outstanding Featured Ensemble Member. The confidence she gained from that kept her motivation up as an actress. She learned to be grateful for every scene, every moment, and every rehearsal. Coming soon, Kerriann is starring in his school’s drama production of Plaza Suite as Mrs. Karen Nash. Although she loves every role she's ever taken, her part in Fame and the months leading up to the show were perhaps the greatest and most impact period in Kerrann's life. It only took one musical, two months, and four performances to bring about a new perspective in her.

Today's Women's Green Parka Outfit

For today’s fall fashion inspiration, Kerriann is rocking a comfy and cozy outfit for this chilly weather. The main piece is perhaps the women’s sherpa lined parka, a very popular jacket choice this autumn into winter. Next, she has on a black cami and a red and navy flannel to continue the look. You can't go wrong with a flannel this fall! Then, Kerriann’s wearing some classic denim in a dark wash along with ladies’ black combat boots. The apparel tends to follow a darker palette which is very fitting for the tone of these months as days seem to get ever so short. All put together, Kerriann’s women’s green parka outfit is definitely a wonderful addition to this season's fall fashion inspiration.

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