Men's Casual Outfit for Fall 2016

Crocodiles don’t eat bagels.
— Michael

Today's Fall Fashion Individual: Michael

Being a child is perhaps one of the best times in our lives. We're small, naive, and the whole world seems to big and there's so much to enjoy. In today's teen fall fashion, we're featuring Mike who is usually a dapper young fellow but is going for a comfortable and casual look for today. Going back to our younger years, our favorite stories to tell are almost always of our childhood, especially from the standpoint of a parent, and Mike shares one of his today. He mentions that when he was small, his whole family including his grandma traveled all the way down to the Sunshine State of Florida. It was one of only a few large trips he's made because huge vacations like these are hard to afford for almost every family out there.

Mike mentions that this was perhaps one of the happiest memories he cherishes of his family, specifically of their excursion to the Orlando Zoo. If there's any one animal you see a lot of in Florida, it's the crocodiles. Of course, they were present in the zoo that day. His father, who Mike characterizes as confident and boastful, was tempted to throw a bagel to the animal. He questioned the decision due to the sign that said, "Don't feed the animals." However, even Mike's mom decided to endorse the situation, and so his father chucked the bagel into the crocodile's mouth. Crocodiles don't eat bagels, and Mike and his family witnessed it choking and gagging on it until the bagel finally got swallowed. No worries, the crocodile survived, but it left the family in a flood of laughter. Mike says that they could have killed the guy that day, but nonetheless, it was a hilarious and happy moment for Mike and his family. He'll surely carry this story well into the future.

Today's Men's Casual Outfit for Fall 2016

We know Michael to be quite the dapper dresser as seen in his prior articles "The Immigrant Mentality" and "Looking Good." He's changing it up today with a men's casual outfit for fall 2016. It's important that we take a day to dress down and be more simple. His casual fall look begins with a full zip, men's blue knit sweater, a light and warm selection. Underneath is a men's white striped shirt. Having something as simple as stripes on a shirt can add some personality as oppose to just a plain shirt, although there are various ways to rock even a blank crew neck. Mike's also wearing some gray skinny fit pants and a pair of gray, high top, men's Guess sneakers. He's rocking a lot of darker colors today which goes well with the tone of fall. Even casual, his New Jersey fashion and teen fall fashion still have him looking good as ever.

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