A Chapter of Soccer and Fashion

Denny and I are brothers til the day I die.
— Matt

Today's Fashion Individuals: Matt and Denny

Brothers from the beginning are brothers for life. Today's teen fall fashion and New Jersey fashion individuals are Matt and Denny, a duo who have been friends since they were little kids running around on the soccer field. After playing soccer for around a decade, the pair have become exceptional players. Even though they weren't on the same team these past months, their brotherhood still holds as strong as ever. This fall, Denny's U18 soccer games took him all the way to Boston in front of prestigious college coaches. For Matt, his high school soccer team went all the way to the state semi-finals in the school's most successful season. Although his high school has a large center on its foot ball life, this year, soccer became equally as esteemed and appreciated. Through wins, losses, and separation, Denny and Matt retain their valuable soccer relationship and take the qualities and skills they learn on the field and apply them to the classroom.

The Life of a Student Athlete

Participating on any kind of team, especially sports related, can very taxing towards a student who has to split his or her team between athletics and academics. As Denny states it, being a student athlete means not being able to sleep till midnight because of all the homework you still have to do. It means going to school for seven hours and on top of that, having three hours of practice. Sometimes, he can't hang out with his friends on weekends because of games. Being in Denny's position is a lot more difficult than people think and even harder when he's holding a near 4.0 GPA with five practices per week. Matt adds on too and says that people really do expect a lot of him and Denny on and off the field, and it's a huge responsibility to balance both. It's as if being student athlete is a full time job.

A Commentary by Matt

"Our friendship started from the bond of being on the same team. Brotherhood is what happens when you are on a team with someone. It is inevitable. Denny and I got closer because we have similar personalities and interests. We are both outgoing and easy to talk to. I feel our friendship is a strong one that will last far into the future. We take leadership qualities from the field and bring them into everyday life and in the school. Soccer not only grew our friendship but it matured us and molded us into who we are today. Denny and I are brothers til the day I die."

A Commentary by Denny

"So Matt and I grew up best friends from the beginning. The second we started playing soccer together was when we knew we were gonna be boys. From U8 soccer to being in classes with each other, we've grown a lot because of the sport. We decided to do a photo shoot together because we are very close, and we are brothers. Soccer being such a creative sport, our creative fashion sense came from the great sport. I'm blessed to have such a great athletic friend in my life that motivates me to be better on the field each day."

Today's Men's Fall Fashion Outfits

Matt and Denny are showing off their teen fall fashion and New Jersey Fashion today. For Denny, his outfit is constructed with a lot of darker tones and begins with a gray shirt jacket with a hoodie underneath to keep warm in these falling temperatures. He's rocking a pair of black joggers, a men's essential, and gray, low-top Nike shoes that match his shirt. No doubt, it's a great men's urban outfit for this season. Matt has on a slightly different style, leaning more towards adventure fashion. The reason for that is due to the Patagonia quarter zip fleece sweater along with a Hershel backpack. Then, he has on a pair of tan chino pants, a dark blue crew neck, and a pair of blue and brown leather accented sneakers. Matt's lighter color palette definitely contrasts and complements the darker palette of Denny. Together, each offer a great addition to our fall fashion inspiration.

Cameo by Stephen