Women's Cowl Neck Sweater Outfit

Every time I go into the auditorium, I feel at home.
— Grace

Today's Fall Fashion Featured Individual: Grace

Sometimes we search years for a purpose and a passion. Then, when it’s least expected, we find it. Today’s New Jersey fashion and teen fall fashion individual is Grace who is rocking a cowl neck sweater outfit. For years, Grace tried to devote herself to cheer, which her sister, Katie, was and still is heavily involved in. However, Grace found herself incredibly unhappy and no longer wanted to live within the shadow of her older sister. Then, one day in 8th grade, she witnessed the power of theater when she saw the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. She was completely stunned at how absolutely beautiful was. Grace knew she loved musicals and plays throughout middle school, but she didn’t have the courage to start until that show. Three years later and Grace practically finds herself everyday in her school’s auditorium working on a new production.

Freshman year, she involved herself in her high school’s fall drama. While working on the drama, she says she found herself completely, and this was truly the first time she saw herself happy in a long time. Since then, she’s been a part of her school’s musicals and other shows that it holds as well. During these shows, Grace has met amazing friends and loves every minute, even during highly stressful tech weeks. Her reputation within the theater realm of her high school has also earned her a spot in the thespian society. Grace mentions that it’s truly a privilege and honor to be part of such a prestigious group. In the past couple of years, her life has changed exponentially, and Grace has finally found a niche that suits her. There’s no place she’d rather be and no passion she’d rather take part in. Like Grace, one day, out of nowhere, we may find an art, sport, or hobby that we truly love that will change our lives forever.

Today's Fall Cowl Neck Sweater Outfit

For today’s fall fashion inspiration, Grace’s wearing a cozy sweater look. The centerpiece, of course, is the gray cowl neck sweater with a plethora of patterns that really call to a viewer's eye when he or she sees it. Its arrangement of multiple designs is very appealing and presents a fun characteristic which is very fitting for Grace’s upbeat energy. The cowl neck of her top is also a comfy aspect of the sweater that adds a certain character to the outfit. Next, she’s wearing a pair of classic denim in dark blue. You can’t go wrong with a good pair of jeans this fall. Finally, she has on a set of front zip black boots, another choice that you can’t go wrong with. Her color selections are well suited together for autumn, and Grace’s sweater look in teen fall fashion is a splendid outfit for the upcoming Thanksgiving. Sweaters are also a superb choice for any look and almost any occasion for these next couple of chilly months. 

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