Women's Black Puffer Vest Outfit

It’s such an eye opening experience.
— Kristianne

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Kristianne

While Thanksgiving is a time for our families and food, unfortunately, there are people out there who have neither. At the table this year, it’s important to be grateful for the people sitting right next to us. Today’s New Jersey fashion and teen fall fashion individual is Kristianne who has on a women’s black puffer vest outfit. Kristianne experiences Thanksgiving like most of us do. We gather with our parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins to a share a dinner of great magnitude that only occurs perhaps once per year. However, she will also be having a Thanksgiving meal prior with those who don’t have any family left to sit down with at the nursing home she volunteers at during the week.

For an hour or so almost every other day, Kristianne visits the local Victoria house which has a lot of older folks who have little to no remaining family around anymore. Around the holidays, they don’t have anyone to spend them with, and that’s where Kristianne comes in. For her, it’s truly an eye opening experience. She says that being able to visit these people gives her a greater insight of the importance of cherishing her own family while they’re still around. Simple things like playing board games or a small chat is enough to brighten a person’s day at this home. She mentions that her goal is to make these people happy as much as she can and young people should visit these nursing homes more often because these life-experienced community members have a lot of useful things to pass on to the next generation.

Wednesday's Black Puffer Vest Outfit

Today, Kristianne is rocking her New Jersey fashion and teen fall fashion under the beautiful yellow leaves. Her outfit begins at the bottom with a pair of classic white converse, a versatile choice all year long. Next is a pair of women’s medium wash denim jeans, a pair of pants you also can’t go wrong with. This is followed by a borscht colored, relaxed fit, v-neck tee. Finally, she has on a black women's puffer vest. The addition of that extra layer really pulls the whole outfit together. Such a piece of apparel seems to be really popular for outerwear and is an easy and stylish piece. For a casual look this autumn, try out Kristianne's black puffer vest outfit for your fall fashion inspiration.

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