Men's Look for Thanksgiving Fashion

I’m very happy to have him as a role model, best friend, and personal adviser.
— Alvaro

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Alvaro

Thanksgiving is never the same when there is an empty chair. Every person is a piece of a family, and sometimes, without that person , it's hard for a family to feel whole. Today's New Jersey fashion and teen fall fashion individual is Alvaro who is rocking another great sweater look. Alvaro has an older brother, Carlo, and as immigrants from Peru, they share a very close relationship like many brothers do. If there is anyone thing that Alvaro is grateful for today, it's for his older sibling. This year at the table, Carlo unfortunately won't be in attendance. Right now, Alvaro's brother is living in Madrid, Spain for a few months, but he'll be home in time for Christmas. No matter where each one is, Alvaro says that the bond between him and his brother will never break.

Growing up, Alvaro and Carlo talked and laughed at the funny moments of everyday. Carlo had a part time job at Banana Republic too, and Alvaro remembers his brother giving him a lot of fashion pointers and helping him organize his wardrobe. Carlo would drive Alvaro to various stores and teach him how to match or style things together or perhaps they'd just take a midnight drive to a local fast food joint. Alvaro calls his older brother both a best friend and a role model. While Carlo is over in Europe, they still talk over the phone everyday. In the future, Alvaro hopes to join his brother for his next trip over seas. Regardless of where they go, Alvaro is thankful for his inspirational older brother, who he misses very much. It'll be a different experience not to see him at dinner tonight.

Today's Thanksgiving Fashion

It's Thanksgiving today and if you're still in need for a last minute outfit, Alvaro's rocking a sweater look for men's outdoor fashion. From the bottom up, Alvaro has on a pair of tobacco leather boots, a solid choice for this season. Next, he's wearing some classic denim jeans which work excellently with this boots. This is followed by, of course, a light blue crew neck sweater with a striped shirt. The dark and light blue tones of his outfit really go very well together. Finally, he's wearing a gray shirt jacket to add another layer to his outfit. His extra outerwear's neutral and light shade perfectly conforms with the rest of the apparel. Alvaro is definitely providing some awesome fall fashion inspiration for men's fall looks. He'll no doubt be looking suave at this year's dinner table.

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