Women's Distressed Denim Look

It’s the best kind of therapy I have ever had.
— Penny

Today's Fall Fashion Individual: Penny

The best therapy is often self expression through various art forms. Many people sing, dance, or act to relieve their stresses of the day. Yet, there is one less appreciated but still very common passion which is writing. Some of us dread writing, but there are those who use it to find their own little corner of the world. Today's teen fall fashion and New Jersey fashion featured individual is Penny, and she's wearing a unique women's distressed denim outfit. In her younger years, she struggled with a lot of bullying, a real threat to the integrity of almost any generation growing up. When she was 13, she was diagnosed with clinical depression and spent a few years in intensive therapy. Coupled with a heavy emotional baggage, Penny mentions that it was often hard to wake up in the morning. She had to teach herself to be happy when she thought it was impossible. Yet, there was a path to reach her inner joy that came through writing.

Taking in all her hardship and grief, she turned it into words. Penny mentions that she coped with her inner demons by creating various poems and commentaries. She writes whenever she has the chance to, and whether she's creating intricate stories or simple journal entries, Penny feels that this art form fills wonder in her mind. When she's had a rough day, the one thing that can relieve her is picking up the pen. For her, it's perhaps the best therapy she could have ever had. Today, Penny says she's the happiest she's ever been not only due to her writing but also because of her family, friends, and teachers. These people push Penny to be her best and help her grow in order to reach the goals she has. At yesterday's Thanksgiving, she was grateful for her outstanding support system. Life couldn't be better. With the encouragement of those around her, Penny wishes to pursue a degree in English Literature when she attends college in the coming years. 

Today's Fall Rock Fashion Outfit

For today's fall fashion and women's rock fashion, Penny is wearing a simple yet stellar outfit. Her shoes are a pair of women's classic lace up boots in an interesting cherry color. This is followed by the focal point of her look, the women's distressed boyfriend jeans. The various rips in her denim create an awesome rebellious persona.  Next, Penny has on a black women's classic crew neck whose dark tone adds to her rock oriented look. To top if off, she's wearing a cozy pink and red scarf, an accessory that will be popular with many outfits well into the next few months. As much as I love Penny's outfit, the coming weeks seem to get even colder and the addition of a jacket would be recommended to keep warm this fall into winter. Regardless, Penny's look is a great addition to your fall fashion inspiration, and it's definitely a breath of fresh air to see a new type of style.

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