Men's 80s Inspired Look

Music is the sound of the soul. Listen to it.
— Tyler

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Tyler

Music at its core is a set of organized noises that form a beautiful sound which everyone around the world enjoys daily. It's practically everywhere, and life wouldn't be as joyful and exciting if it didn't exist. The sounds of music have their roots from the beginning of human history and have been present since the beginning of the life of today's fashion featured individual, Tyler who is rocking a men's 80s inspired look. Tyler came from a family of instrumental enthusiasts such as his grandparents, his mother, and uncle who all strongly encouraged Tyler's personal interest in music. He has grown up to play several instruments including flute, piccolo, violin, bass, guitar, alto saxophone, and bassoon as well as taking part in his high school's marching band, concert band, jazz band, and pit band. He's truly been an active participant in the music department with his stellar involvement. 

Besides playing various instruments in school, Tyler, like many of us, enjoy the sounds of music on a daily basis. He listens to music for hours on end whether it's in the car, getting ready for school, showering, or doing homework. Tyler will also use music to block out all the noise when switching classes during the day. No matter the use, he loves music in part for the variety of genres that express many different meanings. For him, music can describe a persons emotions much better than just plain words. He personally enjoys rock because he grew up listening to it, EDM since he loves to dance, and Indie due to its free spirited nature. Music is an art and a way of life for Tyler. It has also taught Tyler that perfection doesn't exist. No song is ever played perfectly and everything in music and in the world has room for improvement. Regardless, music will always provide Tyler with memories of the past and will continue to put him in a sense of beauty and nostalgia.

Today's Men's 80s Inspired Look

Tyler's rocking his own style of New Jersey fashion and teen fall fashion today. It's geared towards a more 80s style look that's definitely a cool change up for today's feature. The stand out piece of Tyler's apparel is the pink, relaxed fit shirt which is unique from a standard tee and proves that men can no doubt rock the pink. Next, he's wearing a pair of straight leg, vintage style, denim jeans to further enhance his blast from the past look. There's perhaps no better pants that could have gone with his shirt. Finally, Tyler has on a pair of classic white sneakers from Adidas, a popular trend this Autumn. His direction towards a more loose fit along with his bright and fun colors surely shout the decade that many of our parents grew up in. Most importantly, Tyler shows that even today, any style of fashion can be worn and can look fabulous. Next time, think twice before you make fun of your mom for wearing that crazy outfit back when she was a teen because you may find yourself wearing something similar!

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