Men's Green Puffer Vest Outfit

Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.
— Michael J. Fox

Today's Story of Family and Brotherhood

Whether he or she is the youngest of eight children or maybe just two, the baby of the family seems to always have the same attributes: careless, rebellious, and sometimes spoiled. I would know because I am one. My immediate family only consists of one older brother, Timothy, but if you ask me, I really grew up with six more brothers. When I take them into account, I'm really more of a middle child then. From oldest to youngest, these six additional brothers are Matthew, Mitchell, Mico, Michael, Mark, and Martin. That's a lot of alliteration right there. Nonetheless, I love each one of them, and my life wouldn't be the same without them. When we're all together, we don't hesitate to share the same food, the same bed, or the same room. They're my cousins by relation, but they're my brothers forever.

We didn't always get along. I was probably the most tenacious and stubborn when it came listening to the older kids. Like I said before, my traits include being a real rebel. I did, however, get along quite swell with the younger two of the six, Martin and Mark. There was just a certain type of bond created being the bottom half of the family. My mom would refer to us as the Big Three. We were the craziest trio of little kids running around the house. It was unfortunate that we all had to move away from each other eventually; half of my brothers moved all the way out to California. Distance wouldn't stop us though, and as we grew older, the line between the older kids and the younger kids seemed to crumble. It wasn't always roses and candy with me and Mike, who was five years older than me, for example, but as time went by, we both began to develop quite the stellar relationship.

It was a hard hit to all of us this summer when the mother of Mark, Matt, and Mico died of stage four breast cancer. Her name was Aunt Cielo, and she had to have been the most supportive and hospitable women I've ever met. I don't think I knew her as well as the elder half of my family, but she always felt like a second mom. She treated all of us that way. When Aunt Cielo passed, we all cried together. We sang to her together. I don't really think that we could have dealt with this as well if we didn't have each other, and at the end of the day, I know I'll have my family to back me up. Luckily, this family is expanding. My cousins are getting to the point were they are beginning to have kids of there own. In fact, there's a bun in the oven as we speak from my Aunt Cielo's daughter, Nicole, who I started becoming very close with recently. I just pray every night that this one ends up being a girl because as you can see, we are a very male dominated family.

Today's Look for Men's Outdoor Fashion

Today, I'm representing my style of New Jersey fashion and teen fall fashion. I recently bought some of these items during the Black Friday sales, and I couldn't have been more excited to wear them. The main piece of my outfit is the green puffer vest. This apparel is very popular and common in the season's fashion trends for both genders and gives a sense of exploration within the forest. Next, I have on a dark gray fleece underneath to keep myself nice and snug in the chilly and cloudy weather. My pants are a pair of ripped classic denim that was a gift from Aeropostale. I absolutely love the fit and the tone of these great jeans! There is no other pair I would have wanted to wear for my adventure fashion outfit today. Finally, my favorite part of the look, the copper boots from Timberland. They're waterproof and perfect for a day in the woods. As a composition, this is perhaps my favorite look of the Autumn, and I hope I've provided some rocking fall fashion inspiration.

Make this outfit: boots, jeans, fleece, vest (Recreated to the best match on online retail)

Photos taken by my friend, Alvaro

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