Women's Late Fall Dress and Jacket Outfit

I made a promise to myself to live everyday to make sure I made him proud.
— Priscilla

Today's Fall Fashion Individual: Priscilla

The most important people in our lives are sometimes the people who have to leave our lives early on. Death is a sad and unfortunate truth that everyone will witness throughout their life, and as much as we want to stop it, it's often just the will of the world to make it so. We live in a cycle of beginnings and endings where generations pass and fade and leave room for a new generation to grow. The most important thing, though, is honoring those who came and left before us. They may die physically, but as long as they burn in our memory, they'll never die spiritually. The greatest gift we can give to the deceased is remembrance. Today's New Jersey Fashion and teen fall fashion individual is Priscilla who is wearing a snazzy dress and jacket outfit. At this year's Thanksgiving table, Priscilla was grateful for her late grandfather who was taken away too soon.

Describing her grandfather, Priscilla recalls that he was a straight forward man. He lived by a strict code of ethics and always put his family first. Her abuelo had a tough exterior but as their relationship developed, she soon discovered he was quite the sweetheart. Back in Puerto Rico, granddaughter and grandfather bonded in various activities such as feeding chickens, cutting down coconuts, or picking fruit from the trees. They would sit on a hammock on the porch with the scenery of the island behind them and speak of their hopes and dreams. Every grandparent wants only success for their descendants, and Priscilla's grandfather was no different. Knowing she'll always have his support even in spirit, Priscilla never wants to fall short of her goals now and in life.

One of the moments she'll never forget was when her grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. For Priscilla, she never knew how much he really meant to her until that unfaithful day. She was present at his side during every doctor's appointment. She gradually witnessed his transformation from a strong healthy man who would mow the lawn every morning to a fragile person who needed help to be fed. That's the hardest part of cancer: the change that the patient endures as time goes by. We don't really realize that until we see a picture or a reminder of their former state. Priscilla recalls him slowly slipping away as she held his hand with wires attached all over his body. From that day forward, she promised to live everyday in his memory and make him proud in the future. As long as a person lives in our hearts in remembrance, then a part of them will always be alive within us.

Today's Fall Jacket and Dress Outfit

Priscilla is strutting her own New Jersey fashion and teen fall fashion today. The center piece is the pale purple midi dress that cuts off around the knee. Over that is an classic indigo jean jacket whose short length contrasts the longer length of her dress. At the base, she's rocking a pair of tan fall combat boots, a versatile and great choice for any look. Since the temperature has been falling as we creep into winter, Priscilla also has on a comfy and cozy patterned scarf which matches very well with the hue of her dress. She's definitely keeping warm this autumn and her outfit provides some absolutely awesome fall fashion inspiration. Priscilla is without a doubt wearing a great dress and jacket outfit that'll be superb even into early winter.

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