Women's Open Shoulder Top Look 2016

Whether I’m just talking about it or actually there, it makes me so happy.
— Amanda

Today's Fall Fashion Featured Individual: Amanda

The most powerful tool in the arsenal of a child is their imagination. This can be truly witnessed in the epitome of childhood dreams in Walt Disney World, perhaps the most popular theme park ever. Today's New Jersey fashion and teen fall fashion individual is Amanda who has on an awesome ladies' open shoulder top outfit. Amanda had spent her whole life visiting Disney World but had never once step foot in its counterpart on the West Coast, Disneyland, the original park. In fact, she had been to Disney World 25 times prior, but she finally got to experiences it's California equivalent last summer.  At it's core, both parks are able to deliver a wonderful and memorable stay, but each has their own special differences and characteristics.

As her family drove down the Pacific Coast High Way, Amanda patiently anticipated her first taste of Disney Land. It was familiar compared to her second home in Disney World, but it only had two parks which was half of what she was use to. However, just because this iteration wasn't as large, it didn't stop her from enjoying herself. Most importantly, she loved the California Adventure park filled with its large, glowing Ferris wheel and boardwalk, a sight you won't find any where else in the world. The Magic Kingdom park roared with an amazing array of fire works at night. Being that this California version was alien to her, Amanda recalls having to use a map, an item she'd never need in Orlando's Walt Disney World. In Florida, she could close her eyes and still be able to point out any ride, restaurant, or store. It just goes to show that these Disney experiences aren't just direct copies of each other even though they do share a hefty amount of similarities.

On her final day in Disneyland, Amanda spent 17 hours in the parks. One memory she'll never forget is enjoying that day with her friends, Chris and Ben, who vacationed there at the same time as her. Together, the trio rode five rides, witnessed the magnificent parade, and watched the fireworks within a single evening. To commemorate their adventure, they bought matching pairs of socks. For Amanda, Disney has the ability to cast a spell on her and put her into a place of wonder and imagination. Even just retelling her stories of the area has the power to do so. Her parents commented that she "drank the kool-aid" of being a Disney fanatic, but Amanda doesn't deny it. For her, growing up with these Disney experiences has shaped her to who she is today. Amanda's passion is something she'll never hid and will take with her well into the future.

Today's New Jersey Fashion and Teen Fall Fashion

Amanda is rocking a  ladies' open shoulder look, a popular trend this season. Starting from the bottom, she has on a pair of women's fall ankle boots in a tan shade. This is followed by some classic denim in a light wash color. Jeans are always a solid choice for any outfit of course. Then, around her neck, Amanda is wearing a cream knit scarf to keep warm and cozy this cold autumn. Finally, her shirt is a ladies' open shoulder top in a charcoal hue. Amanda mixes and alternates between the best of lighter and darker tones. This creates an excellent composition of contrast within her look. For today's featured apparel, Amanda has put together an amazing set of clothes for women's fall fashion inspiration. 

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