Men's Winter Street Fashion for 2016-2017

We have that brotherly love, looking out for each other. It’s not just a one way street.
— Julian

Today's Fashion Individuals: Josue and Julian

As they say in the musical Rent, a year is 525,600 minutes. In that time, a lot of things can change right before our eyes. For Julian and Josue, that was all the time it took to go from complete strangers to best friends. Today, they are the two fashion featured individuals for men's winter street fashion. The duo met through one of Josue's old flames. Josue remembers walking home with Julian and experiencing his New York humor. Julian, however, was a still a little bit new to Josue, and he couldn't yet seem to make how their friendship would turn out. Eventually, they discovered that they shared various common interests in clothing and music. The two soon to be brothers would speak endlessly of new sneakers, hip-hop artists, or their shared fashion style. Their similarities enabled them to develop their friendship within the next few months.

Recently, Julian recalls their shopping spree in the mall during this year's Black Friday Sales. He remembers Josue calling him up around 11 at night during Thanksgiving and inquiring as to whether or not he wanted to do a bit of spending for some new clothing. As they perused the mall, Josue mentions that talking to Julian gave him the ability to forget about his problems in school, with girls, or at work and just focus on the moment. During their excursion, they came across Air Jordan 3 True Blue sneakers, a drop they'd been anticipating together. They didn't quite have the funds to purchase such an expensive pair yet, but it just goes to show their similar love for the same kinds of sneakers. Both of them commented that there was no one else they would have rather been with that day.

A Few Words from Josue

"Julian to me is not just some other guy who you can just say that he's my friend or that he's my best friend. To be honest, he’s like another brother to me, and I only say that because I can trust him and tell him anything. We've known each other for a year or so. I guess we’re 'day one brothers’ because I don't think that bond between me and him broke. I mean sure we got our differences in life, but I’m not going to judge him if he does some stupid thing. It won't matter. He isn't one you'll find commonly. Julian is the one that gives you the good old complements. He’s the one to ask how was your day, or the one who always ask if you want to hang out. He’s the one who jokes with me and sometimes makes fun of me. We just usually crack jokes about each other back and forth. He's had my back through tough times. If I have a problem with someone or something, he'll always say,’I'll help you out man. If you get hit I get hit.’ It's stuff like that that lets me known Julian isn't just some regular guy."

A Few Words from Julian

"Josue, I have a million things to say. He's one of the best friends I've ever had. Definitely one of the most down to earth people. He's a brother to me even though we've only talked for a year. We have that brotherly love, looking out for each other. It's not just a one way street. Even our families make each other feel welcome. There's nothing better than feeling safe in someone else's home. We share the same interests too. It brought us together more. If we didn't have the same interests, we wouldn't be so close. To call him a friend, I'm grateful. At first, I wasn't sure about Josue yet. I was new. Then I get that feeling when you know you like somebody even though you don't know a lot about them. I believe you need a few friends. Choose three people. For me, Josue is one of those people."

Today's Men's Winter Street Fashion

We're now on the eve of December which also means we're transitioning into teen winter fashion. Today, both Josue and Julian are rocking their men's street outfits. For his featured apparel, Josue is wearing a men's hooded shirt jacket with the words New York across the piece. Underneath, he has on a dark gray hoodie to contrast the lighter tone of his outerwear. Next, he's wearing some men's ankle zip pants. Finally, his sneakers are a pair of Air Jordan 14 Retro Ferrari edition shoes. Julian is also showing off his look for winter fashion inspiration. On his head, he has on a gray Obey beanie. This is followed by his men's black, hooded, quilted jacket and Nike Graphic tee underneath. Next, he's wearing ripped black denim, and on his feet are a pair of Kobe 9 Christmas style sneakers. Both Josue and Julian are providing some superb compositions for men's fashion 2016-2017.