Men's Button Down Outfit for Fall 2016

Everything has made me who I am, and I love who I am.
— Bobby

Today's Featured Fashion Individual: Bobby

It has been said that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. As much as children are influenced by their parents, these children, who eventually grow into young adults, learn to make their own choices. Today's New Jersey fashion and teen fall fashion individual is Bobby, who is looking excellent in a button down outfit. An East Coast kid, Bobby was heavily involved in baseball since he was four due to his father's heavy involvement in local leagues. Bobby describes his dad as a man who has a deep love for the sport and played it into his older years. Bobby's father enrolled him in numerous baseball teams well into middle school, but soon, Bobby would find a passion of his own to love.

Around 6th and 7th grade, Bobby began to become very close with a fellow classmate, Kerriann, who was involved in many of their school's performing arts programs. Bobby decided to take up performing too and appeared in numerous shows. In 8th grade, he played Chachi in his school's production of Happy Days - A New Musical. As a result, Bobby had to juggle his new found love of theater with his prior love of baseball. He recalls the musical requiring a Sunday practice as the cast and crew crept closer to opening night. Sunday, however, was usually the day of Bobby's baseball games. In order to fulfill both duties, he went to rehearsal in his baseball uniform so that when he left, he was already ready to play. Bobby missed a few innings and it was tough for his dad to accept the conflict. At the time, Bobby's dad was still trying to grasp his son's new found love. As a father only having one son, he'd want Bobby to be dedicated to something he loved himself, but as time went on, he learned to not only accept but celebrate his son's own devotion.

Today, Bobby is in his senior year and is staring in his high school's production of Plaza Suite. Throughout the past four years, Bobby's father learned to cherish his son's shows. Sometimes the passions of a parent grow on their kid, but for Bobby, his own passion grew on his father. Bobby explains how he has full support from his family, and they attend every show of his whether his part is big or small. He's grateful that his parents, friends, and teachers have given him the utmost encouragement in his endeavors, and he truly feels endearment. As much as he loves baseball, there's nothing Bobby would rather do than perform on stage. 

Today's Button Down Outfit

Bobby's styling a superb button down look for men's fall outfit ideas. It begins with a perfect fitting, blue, short sleeve button down shirt. It's still the mid sixties here in Jersey, so the short sleeves are still great for the weather. Next, he's wearing skinny fit classic denim to keep the blue colors going. What is be noted from his outfit is how well it fits him. No matter how excellently items are matched, what is equally important is how they fit too. Finally, we can see that Bobby is rocking tan suede oxfords whose tone goes with the fall season. Bobby definitely looks great in his outfit today, no doubt.

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