Women's Late Fall Rainy Day Look

No matter what you have to do, always step back and take a deep breath. It’ll always be okay.
— Caitlin

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Caitlin

Sickness can often keep us from reaching our goals. Yet, there are times when the light seems to shine through the clouds, and we get a reason to keep moving forward. Such small events can be enough to push us past our struggle. Today's New Jersey fashion and December fashion featured individual is Caitlin who is wearing a stellar rainy day look. As a little girl, Caitlin loved the arts and especially dance. The day of her first recital was quite the experience and had its highlights and downfalls. After sleeping overnight at her aunt's house, she woke up in a terrible condition making it almost impossible to perform later that night. Caitlin recalls her ears hurting, having a high temperature, and breaking out into multiple sweats. During the car ride, her parents held a high concern for her well being and were scared of what could happen that night. Cat remembers sobbing about the situation because they didn't want her to dance. Then, she'd soon find the strength to make it through.

Caitlin wouldn't let her work go to waste, and she attended her recital anyways. She was freaking out, but before her recital, Cat was given a guardian angel necklace from her aunt. She imagined how the angel was there to protect her. With this reassurance, Caitlin took a big breath, exited the wings, and took the stage of the Count Basie theater in Red Bank. Suddenly, as the music started and she saw the lights and audience, her sickness suddenly and magically disappeared. Cat elegantly executed her ballet and tap routine.  Her prior condition seemed to have no affect what so ever as if the stage was its own world apart from reality. Afterwards, however, the evening seemed to take a different turn than her stellar dance. 

When she arrived back home, Cat's fever appeared again. Eventually that night, she passed out, and her parents had to transport her to the hospital. It turns out that Caitlin had an ear infection that morning. Although this must have been a traumatic experience, it didn't stop her from continuing her new found love of dance. 8 years later and she's never gotten tired of being on stage. Her memory of that day centered mostly on the positives. She'll never forget the rush she felt when she first step foot in the Count Basie Theater even though she was young. Cat will never forget the necklace she was given too which still instills a sense of security. These days, Caitlin holds the mentality that even when we struggle, even when we're sick or down, we can still push through it and climb to where we're aiming. 

Today's Featured Late Fall Rainy Day Look

For today's late fall fashion, Cat is rocking a great outfit for a rainy day look. Just because the weather wasn't so complying didn't stop her from looking absolutely stylish. It beings with a brown utility jacket, perfect for the fall season and a superb and popular piece of outerwear. Next, she's wearing a knit, white, sweater tank top with a cowl neck that can enhance any outfit. Cat's put that with a pair of classic denim jeans with rips to add to her character. Her shoes are brown leather, ankle strap booties, another top notch choice. To go along with the boots, Caitlin is also rocking a women's Gucci leather belt with an interlocking G showing her quite expensive taste. For her teen fall fashion, Cat's wearing a wonderful outfit for a rainy day. Don't forget your umbrella!

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