Ladies' Fall Dress And Boots Look

Because sometimes words can’t speak enough for how I feel.
— Justine

Today's New Jersey Fashion Individual: Justine

We are grateful for the family we're given at birth, but we are also grateful for the family we develop as we form new relationships through sport, clubs, or performing. Today's New Jersey fashion and fall fashion individual is Justine who is wearing a fall dress and boots look. Similar to Gina and Sarah, Justine is an avid dancer as well. She began when she was around 4 and was discovered at a local festival as a little girl dancing along with the performers. Her current dance instructor approached a young Justine to begin taking dance classes. Ever since, Justine sees dance as a way to relieve the problems of the day and is a medium in which to express herself when words cannot. 

If you've ever been on a team or part of a cast, you are probably familiar with the bonding and closeness that can be formed out of it. For Justine, this is no different, especially when you've been dancing with each other for over a decade. Every year, Justine's team goes to Nationals where the best teams in the United States compete. Although 90% of their time is spent practicing, Justine recalls the precious moments when they had breakfast, lunch, and dinner in their hotel. The team would participate in trust circles or go shopping in their off time. It's as if the whole crew was made of sisters from a single family. That's what can happen when you spend hundreds of hours with other people. It creates a higher level of comfort, confidence, and openness between individuals that participate in such amazing teams.

Today's Teen Fall Fashion Look

Justine's apparel is a fall dress and boots outfit for her New Jersey Fashion. It beings with a red floral print mini dress with tribal patterns along the torso. Its darker reds and blacks contrast well the the lighter blues and whites for a beautiful composition on a beautiful young lady. The different patterns also give a great sense of personality to add some inspiration for floral outfit ideas. Next, she is wearing a pair of taupe lace up boots which is a nice change up from the usual brown or black color of shoes, and no color could have gone any better with the other piece of her apparel. With a great look for the season, Justine's teen fall fashion is a most wonderful addition for your outfit inspiration.

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