The Bomber Jacket Look in Fall Street Fashion

I grew up poor when I was young.
— Josue

Today's Fall Fashion Individual: Josue

A lot of things can affect how we dress, and one of those things, especially while growing up, is money. As little kids, we might have had to wear our older brother's or sister's over sized hand me downs. They weren't the most fashionable pieces, but we had to make do with what we were given. Today's New Jersey fashion and fall street fashion individual is Josue. Digging back into the past, the stylish Josue recalls his younger days. He grew up poor, and his family wasn't able to afford a phone or television. For him, it's hard to believe that these days he has a gold watch and a collection of expensive sneakers. You never would have thought that such a suave and clean young man didn't have much back in the day. It doesn't matter where we start; however, it matters how we end. 

For Josue, its weird to flash back to the past. His first years of school included him wearing his father's shirts, and he'd be a four or five year old kid rolling up in sketchers, little jeans, and a big ol' black, blue, or white shirt. His family wasn't always able to pay for new clothes for him in those difficult times. Josue recalls that his parents worked day and night to provide for their family. They did have moments of happiness when they were together though. Joy could be found in spending a bit of cash at McDonald's or playing in the park after a long day. When you don't have a lot, simple pleasures can be found in simple things. That's what society needs to realize these days: it's all about the little things.

Not originally an English speaker, Josue often feared judgement from his peers. His clothes were what his parents were able to give him, so may times they didn't match. It was hard for him to walk around and imagine what others may think of him. One day in 8th grade, it came to the point where he was harassed for his style and his Mexican heritage. That insecurity stuck with him, and at the end of the year, he wore a blue short sleeve shirt, black jeans, and True Flight Jordans, the first pair or sneakers he had fallen in love with, to prove his naysayers wrong. Ever since then, Josue has been working on being fly and being confident. Adding a couple new pairs of Jordans to his arsenal, Josue has become one of his high school's best dressers, and no one dares to criticize him.

Today's Fall Street Fashion

Josue's East Coast fashion and teen fall fashion is on point today. It's a black bomber jacket look that begins, of course, with the men's black bomber jacket, one of the season's most popular trends. Under that, he's wearing a navy graphic tee. Graphic tees deserve much love because even the smallest designs can add character to an outfit. Next, Josue has on a pair of men's black joggers, a go to piece for any street composition. On his head is a men's black Nike hat to keep that color moving throughout the outfit. Finally, we hit the the men's navy sneakers, a pair of Air Jordan 11s. Josue's navy and black palette today create an extremely well put together fall street fashion look.

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